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Last Update: July 2017


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Learn here how to configure MADRIX.


»Installation Of The MADRIX Software

»Where You Can Find Connected Hardware

»Changing The DMX Universe Of A Connected Interface

»The First Patch

»Creating A Patch With Different Fixtures

»Creating A Patch With Space Between Fixtures

»How To Use DVI Map Mode

»The MADRIX Fixture Editor
»Creating A Complex Fixture With The Fixture Editor

»Importing A Patch Into MADRIX

»Connecting MADRIX With An Art-Net Node

»DMX Universe Settings For Several Art-Net Nodes

»Manually Connecting An Art-Net Node In MADRIX

»Remote Control Via DMX-IN

»Remote Control Via Art-Net And CITP

»Controlling MADRIX With A MIDI Controller

»Changing The Predefined MIDI Map Of A MIDI Controller

»Creating A New MIDI Map For A MIDI Controller

»DMX Output With Various DMX Interfaces

»T9 Configuration In MADRIX

»MADRIX Full Screen DVI Output For Video Projectors

»MADRIX DVI Output For Screen-Capture Software

»Creating A 3D Patch Using The Matrix Generator

»Creating A Complex 3D Patch Using The Patch Editor


MADRIX Effects

Learn here how to customize and create visuals, patterns, and effects.

»Dropped Equalizer

»Working With Layers

»The Link Button

»Solo Mode And Blind Mode For Layers

»Using Video Files And Movie Content

»Capturing With An Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K *

»Using Images And Pictures

»Mix Modes

»Mapping - Tile, Repeat, And Rotate

»Mapping - Effects For Fixtures With Space Inbetween

»Mapping - Mirroring

»Mapping - Using Fixture Groups For Mapping

»Chaser - Changing Directions Automatically

»Chaser - Changing A Slider Value Continuously

»Chaser - Changing Map Settings





Learn here how to operate MADRIX.

»Exporting And Importing Storages

»Exporting And Importing Storage Places

»Exporting / Importing V2.X Setups Into One V3.X Setup

»Controlling MADRIX Via Touch Screen

»Changing The Storage Place View

»The DMX Fader Tool

»The DMX Watcher

»Highlight Modes

»DMX-Thru And DMX Merging In MADRIX

»HTTP Remote Control

»Cue List With Time Code And Duration

»Working With Fixture Groups

»Working With Group Presets

»Working With The Group Value Chaser

»Controlling A Kinetic Lighting System With MADRIX



Learn here about various other topics.


»Setting Up LED Studio For EUROLITE LED Pixel Mesh 64x64

»Setting Up LEDShow T9 For EUROLITE LSD Soft Displays

»Configuration Of Light-O-Rama S3 And MADRIX

»RGB Colors

»What Is DMX

»Calculating DMX Channels

»Setting Up The DMX Address And DMX Start Channel





Learn here how to work with MADRIX PLEXUS.

»Recording MADRIX PLEXUS Stand-Alone Files

»Copying Stand-Alone Files To MADRIX PLEXUS

»MADRIX PLEXUS Master-Slave Synchronization

»Creating A Time-Triggered PLEXUS Configuration

»Configuring MADRIX PLEXUS Using The MADRIX Software

»Changing The MADRIX PLEXUS Network Address

»Changing MADRIX PLEXUS Display Settings

»MADRIX PLEXUS Remote Control


»Testing DMX Input And DMX Output

»MADRIX PLEXUS Art-Net Configuration




MADRIX 3 Tutorials Version 1.9
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