User Interface [GUI]

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Topics Of This Chapter




The user interface is what you see of the software.
You will immediately see it when starting MADRIX 5 for the first time. This graphical user interface [abbr.: GUI] provides visual feedback, controls, and information for you.

The GUI is one of the most important parts of MADRIX 5. We designed it with you–the user–in mind and to provide great usability, easy to use controls, and the most efficient ways to operate the software. The following topics will help you get to know the different parts and individual elements of the layout.




The GUI of MADRIX 5 is divided into different parts. The following chapters will explain each section in more detail.




Topics Of This Chapter

This topic introduces the menu bar of the software found at the top of the screen.
»Operating Modes [Programmer / Operator]
MADRIX 5 provides different modes for different parts of the overall workflow.
»3 Previews
3 Preview Windows [Preview Deck A, Preview Deck B, and Preview Output] will show you a preview of your lighting effects. They are explained in detail here.
Learn how to use the Crossfader.
»Main Output / Master / Audio Levels
What is the purpose of these controls? It is explained in this topic.
»Controls [Deck A / Deck B]
Quickly set up the global filters and other controls.
A brief overview will introduce all the controls of Storage Deck A and Storage Deck B.
»Storage Places [256 x 256]
Learn how to manage and organize your visuals.
»Effect Areas [Deck A / Deck B]
How can I use Effects? Effect Area Deck A and Effect Area Deck B will be explained here.
»Cue List Section
These buttons are used to control the automatic playlist feature of MADRIX 5.
»Full-Screen Mode
You can use the full size of your monitor to display the user interface of MADRIX 5.
»Touch Screen
An additional touch screen interface is built right into MADRIX 5. Learn more about it in this topic.


[Ctrl & +/-] = Zoom In/Out | [Ctrl & 0] = 100%
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