Input, Interoperability, And Remote Control

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You can receive data in MADRIX 5 through various ways. That means you can use another controller or device:

to send data to the software and use this data.

to send commands to the software for Remote Control.

to route incoming data onto your output [also know as Mapping/Merging/DMX-Thru].



Topics Of This Chapter

There are several possibilities for input and remote control:

Several protocols are implemented into MADRIX 5 for remote control over DMX-IN. Any DMX console or desk can easily be used then to gain full control over the software.

»Art-Net Remote
The Art-Net protocol includes Art-Net Remote. In this way, you can use a console for example to access certain software features remotely.

»sACN Input
Receive Streaming ACN [E1.31] data for remote control.

»CAST BlackTrax
Use the real-time, vision-based tracking system in combination with MADRIX 5.


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