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MADRIX 5 features a loopback adapter [by default, with the IP address].

MADRIX 5 supports a variety of Ethernet-based network protocols. As such, an active and functioning network connection is required for the communication between tools and equipment, and in order to use these standards.
However, a network connection might not always be available or possible. Still, you may want to work with different tools on the same computer [sending data from MADRIX 5 to a visualizer, for example]. This is where the loopback adapter can be useful.

As such, the loopback adapter makes it possible to send and receive network data on the local computer.




The loopback adapter can be used for the following network protocols:

CAST Software BlackTrax
CITP Server
CITP Visualizer
Philips Color Kinetics [KiNET]
MA Lighting MA-Net
Streaming ACN [sACN]
Remote HTTP


The following points summarize the device:

- The loopback adapter is a virtual device that emulates a network adapter.

- As such, all normal functionality is provided [including all of its advantages and drawbacks].

- Network data that is sent to the loopback adapter does not leave the local computer.

- By default, the IP address is If you are seeing a different IP address, this could be due to corresponding changes that were made in the operating system.


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