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MA-Net from MA Lighting is a proprietary Ethernet network protocol. MADRIX 5 supports it natively.

MADRIX 5 supports:

MA-Net 1

MA-Net 2



Step-By-Step Configuration

1] Set up networking for your MA product.

2] Set up the correct network settings in Windows.

3] Enable drivers in MADRIX 5.

4] Activate the devices.

5] Set up remote control.


1] Setting Up MA Networking

Make sure to connect your MA devices and the MADRIX computer in the same Ethernet network over network cabling [and possibly a network switch]!
[For example, use the Ethernet 1 port for products of the grandMA 2 series and the network card of the computer that runs the MADRIX 5 Software.]

Consult the user manual of your MA product to set up the correct settings for MA-Net for your MA product.

Start Networking for your MA product.
[For example, go to Setup > Network to start or join a session for products of the grandMA 2 series.]


2] Windows Network Settings

MA-Net is a network-based protocol. MADRIX 5 will use the network card of your computer to receive data.

It is required to set up the correct network settings in Windows, first.

You must use the correct IP address and Subnet mask settings. Otherwise, MA-Net might not work!

The IP addresses of your computer and your MA-Net devices need to be different.

Set up an individual IP address according to the IP address range of your MA product.
- Make sure that the first, second, and third part of the IP address are the same. The fourth part must be different from your MA product.
- A general recommendation is:
- 192.168.X.1 ... 192.168.X.254

Set up the corresponding Subnet mask

Restart MADRIX 5, if you have changed the network settings in Windows while MADRIX 5 was running.

Check the settings of the Windows Firewall.

Learn more »Tips [Microsoft Windows / Networks / USB]

Example for PCs that are running MADRIX 5:

Windows TCP/IP Configuration


3] Enabling Drivers In MADRIX 5

Go to the menu Preferences > Options... > Devices Network
[Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+O > Devices Network]

Activate MA Lighting - MA-Net

Devices (Network)


Choose the correct network/network card from the drop-down list.
- Always make sure that you have selected the correct network. Otherwise, no data can be received.
- Please note: A loopback adapter is also available. Learn more »Loopback Adapater []

- Defines the protocol version.
- Choose the correct MA-Net here [MA-Net 1 or MA-Net 2].
- MA-Net 1 is used by the grandMA1 series.
- MA-Net 2 is used by the grandMA2 series.

Session ID - Defines the session you want to work in. Choose the session you have set up in your MA product also here.

Universes (Start / End) - Defines the universe or universe you wish to receive.
- The default Start Universe is 1 and the default End Universe is 1, which means that one DMX universe will be received.


4] Activating Devices

Go to the menu Preferences > Device Manager... > DMX Devices
[Keyboard shortcut: F4]

MADRIX 5 automatically adds the number of MA-Net universes/devices according to your settings for Start Universe and End Universe

Your devices are automatically activated.

If it is no activated, select your devices in the list.

Right Mouse Click on the column State to set it from Off to On [indicated by green light].

IN is automatically activated.

Since MADRIX 5 will receive data, the frame time and frame rate [ms / FPS] are managed automatically by MADRIX 5.
[Please note when checking incoming data via the Task Watcher: A maximum frame rate of 30 FPS will be sent by your MA product over MA-Net.]


DMX Devices


5] Setting Up Remote Control

Go to the menu Preferences > Device Manager... > DMX Input

DMX Input Tab

Select your preferred DMX Universe in the list.
[By default, DMX universe 1 to 8 are listed. If you wish to increase the number of DMX-IN universes, you can change the setting. Learn more »Performance]

Select your DMX-IN Device in the section Device by choosing the MA Lighting MA-Net device.


[If needed, you can disable DMX-IN by deselecting the device under DMX-IN Device and choose the list entry that is empty or disable the interface under Device Manager... > DMX Devices.]


Make sure that your device is still selected in the list.

Activate Remote

Select one of the built-in protocols in the section Remote Control [as explained below]
or create your own remote configuration. Learn more »DMX-IN Remote Editor


DMX Input


Open MADRIX MIDI Remote Configuration

Open - Loads a previously saved MADRIX 5 DMX Remote Configuration file [of the file type *.mdrx].

DMX-IN Protocols

Protocols - Choose from a pre-configured protocol [configuration].
Learn more Protocols [Overview]

MIDI Remote Control Edit

DMX-IN Remote Editor - Allows you to modify a configuration or create a new configuration.
Learn more »DMX-IN Remote Editor

Start Address

Start Address - Defines on which particular DMX channel the protocol should start. The whole protocol will be mapped to this new address area.

DMX Watcher - Opens the DMX Watcher to monitor your DMX output or input.
Learn more »Tools


Mapping is not available for MA-Net and cannot be enabled.



Protocols [Overview]

There are preprogrammed DMX protocols you can choose from:



Important Notes

Always make sure to have a valid network card active or selected! Otherwise, MADRIX 5 cannot receive MA-Net.

Always make sure to have a valid license for your MA product to send out Ethernet data or use a console.
[MA on PC requires an MA 2Port Node or MA onPC command wing, for example.]

Please make sure to save your MADRIX 5 Setup file after the configuration process.




If you are encountering problems, please work through the following checklist:

Double-check the settings of your network card.

Make sure to set up the Windows Firewall correctly. Learn more »Tips [Microsoft Windows / Networks / USB]

Double-check the settings of the MA-Net devices in MADRIX 5.

Double-check the configuration of your MA product.

Check if your MA product has a valid license to send out Ethernet data.

Use the DMX Watcher to monitor incoming data.


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