Static Color Effects [SCE]

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Topics Of This Chapter




Static Color Effects [SCE] produce a multitude of creative lighting patterns and visuals. No extra input or content is necessary.
In addition, they provide the tools to load images or video files.



Topics Of This Chapter

MADRIX includes the following Static Color Effects:

»SCE Bounce
»SCE Capture
»SCE Clouds
»SCE Color
»SCE Color Change
»SCE Color Scroll
»SCE Counter
»SCE Drops
»SCE Explosions
»SCE Fill Drops
»SCE Fill Random
»SCE Fill Snake
»SCE Fill Solid
»SCE Fire
»SCE Flames
»SCE Fluid
»SCE Gradient
»SCE Graph
»SCE Image
»SCE Level Color Simulator
»SCE Metaballs
»SCE Noise
»SCE Plasma
»SCE Pulse / Stroboscope
»SCE Screen Capture
»SCE Shapes
»SCE Simple Shape
»SCE Starfield
»SCE Swarm
»SCE Ticker / Scrolling Text
»SCE Tubes
»SCE Video
»SCE Wave / Radial


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