MADRIX Effects

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Topics Of This Chapter




MADRIX offers a large variety of effects. All MADRIX Effects are arranged into 4 distinct categories with various features [SCE, S2L, M2L, MAS] .



Topics Of This Chapter

»Static Color Effects [SCE]
Static Color Effects produce a multitude of creative lighting patterns and visuals. No extra input or content is necessary. In addition, they provide the tools to load images or video files.
»Sound2Light Effects [S2L]
Sound2Light Effects require an audio input signal. As a result, amazing light effects that are synchronized to the music will be generated!
»Music2Light Effects [M2L]
Music2Light Effects require an audio input signal. M2L Effects go one step further than S2L Effects and analyse music theoretical parameters to create truly unique representations of the music.
»MAS Script
The powerful Script Editor, which is included in the software, allows you to program your own effects. The script language allows you to easily realize ideas for effects of your own.
»Macros And Scripts
You can control and manipulate running effects using the script language.
»Using BPM Control
Many MADRIX Effects use the BPM Effect Setting to control the speed.
»Using Colors And Intensity
Learn how to use the different color options of the MADRIX Effects.
»Using Directions
Many MADRIX Effects allow you to choose a specific movement direction.


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