Devices USB

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MADRIX 5 allows to activate or deactivate drivers for various hardware interfaces, such as MADRIX NEO and others.

Go to the menu Preferences > Options... > Devices USB
[Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+O > Devices USB]

Devices USB


Activate the required drivers for your hardware interfaces.

[When activated, MADRIX 5 automatically searches for supported devices at startup.]



Supported MADRIX Devices





Supported Third-Party Devices

MADRIX 5 also supports a number of 3rd-party interfaces.
Learn more »GamePort



Further Configuration

Further configuration is needed:

Devices USB only activates the required drivers.

Make sure to enable and configure your hardware interfaces also according to your requirements.
Learn more »DMX512 [DMX-OUT]



Important Information

If you only activate drivers for devices which you are effectively going to use,

 - you can speed up the loading/starting time of MADRIX 5.

All options of Devices USB will be saved locally on your computer. The settings described in this topic will not be saved in your MADRIX 5 Setup file.


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