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MADRIX NEO is a USB 2.0 DMX512 interface. It can be used for input [DMX-IN] or output [DMX-OUT].
The MADRIX NEO allows you to control 512 DMX channels in combination with the MADRIX 5 Software.


Important Note

Make sure to read the provided MADRIX NEO Technical Manual & Quick Start Guide first!
Find it in your product box or download it from »



MADRIX 5 Software License

The MADRIX 5 Software license is not included and sold separately. A MADRIX 5 KEY is necessary if you want to use DMX output [DMX-OUT].

No separate license is required for DMX input [DMX-IN].



Loading The Drivers

Go to the menu Preferences > Options... > Devices USB
[Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+O > Devices USB]


[The option is activated by default.]

Click Apply to confirm.

Click OK to close the window.



Using DMX Output Or DMX Input

The MADRIX NEO allows you to send [DMX-OUT] or receive [DMX-IN] data via MADRIX 5 using 512 DMX channels.

The MADRIX NEO features a 5-pin, female XLR connector.

If you want to use DMX-IN, please use a 5-pin XLR male to 5-pin XLR male gender changer.

Learn more »DMX512 [DMX-OUT]
Learn more »DMX-IN / Art-Net Remote / sACN Input



Further Configuration

Remember to configure your light matrix in the »Matrix Generator or »Patch Editor

Make sure to save your MADRIX 5 Setup after the configuration process.



Interruption-Free Operation

To ensure interruption-free operation of the software and devices, please make sure to check the power-saving settings of Windows.
Learn more »PC Power Management


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