5-Step Quick Start

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If you want to quickly start using the MADRIX 5 Software, we recommend to at least set up the following initial configuration.



First Use

Step 1] Configure The Virtual LED Matrix

You need to tell MADRIX 5 how your LED installation looks like and how many fixtures [or pixels, voxels] you wish to use. Start by using the Matrix Generator for this task or use the default configuration. By default, MADRIX 5 will have set up 50 x 50 x 1 DMX-based RGB pixels.
Learn more »Matrix Generator


Step 2] Configure Audio

Many MADRIX Effects work without audio. But many MADRIX Effects do require audio input. Configure audio to see stunning S2L or M2L effects that react to the music in real time and play back video files with their audio track.
Learn more »Audio And Sound


Step 3] Configure Output

MADRIX 5 needs to communicate with your LED fixtures. The software is very versatile and supports many industry standards and communication protocols to put out data. Because of this, you need to configure which output method MADRIX 5 should use to control your LEDs.
Learn more »OUTPUT Settings


Step 4] Basic User Interface And The Crossfader

MADRIX 5 is very easy to use. To quickly see results, it is recommended learn a few basics about the user interface first.
Learn more »Crossfader

Learn more »Main Output / Master / Audio Levels


Step 5] MADRIX Effects

There is a whole variety of stock effects and lighting visuals available to you. And you can customize all of them. Begin to use the creative power of MADRIX 5 and start using the built-in MADRIX Effects.
Learn more »Effects


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