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MADRIX Effects

MADRIX 5 allows you to quickly produce an extraordinary light show. This is the purpose and probably most important part of the software.

The term MADRIX Effects includes all lighting visuals and patterns you can create with MADRIX 5 and display on your LEDs.

MADRIX 5 is a unique LED lighting controller. It is an effect generator with a graphics render engine and also includes media server features.

You can use the integrated effects of the effect generator or external content [such as images or video files].

MADRIX 5 allows you can create stunning real-time lighting visuals with ease.



Selecting An Effect

Choosing a lighting effect is simple.

Thanks to its user interface layout, MADRIX 5 includes 2 dedicated areas [Effect Area A and Effect Area B].

By default, SCE Color is selected.

A drop-down list allows you to select a MADRIX Effect.

Simply click on SCE Color to select a MADRIX stock effect from the list.

Click on the MADRIX Effect in order to select it.

Selecting An Effect



Variety Of Effects

MADRIX 5 offers a large variety of effects and visuals. All MADRIX Effects are arranged into 5 distinct categories with various features:

SCE - Static Color Effects

S2L - Sound2Light Effects

M2L - Music2Light Effects

TRI - Trigger Effects

MAS - MADRIX Script Effect

Learn more »MADRIX Effects



Configuration Of Effects And Layers

Every single MADRIX Effect has different controls to easily customize how the effect looks and behaves.
Learn more »Effect Areas [Deck A / Deck B]

Extra settings provide further option for customization. In addition, you can combine each effect with every other effect. This allows you to create an unlimited amount of different lighting effects.
Learn more »Layers



Using Several Effects And Saving Effects

MADRIX 5 offers certain possibilities to manage and organize your effects.

Effects will be automatically saved in the selected Storage Place in Programmer mode.
Learn more »Operating Modes [Programmer / Operator]

MADRIX 5 offers 256 x 256 Storage Places. Hence, you will be able to create a lot of effects and storing is automatically handled by the software.
Learn more »Storage Places [256x 256]

On the other hand, Storage Places and other configurations are ultimately saved in MADRIX 5 Setup files.
Do not forget to regularly save your MADRIX 5 Setup file!
Learn more »MADRIX 5 Setup [New / Open]


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