2D Or 3D [X, Y, Z]

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MADRIX 5 is a versatile and powerful software that can control 2D and/or 3D LED installations.

You can use MADRIX 5

to map and control pixel by pixel [pixel mapping, 2D].

to map and control volumetric pixels, i.e. voxels [voxel mapping, 3D].

to combine both options.




Virtual LED Matrix

You automatically choose to work with a 2D or 3D project by configuring the virtual LED matrix in the Matrix Generator or Patch Editor.

If Z is 1, then you are automatically working in 2D.

If Z higher than 1, then you are automatically working in 3D.
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In addition, many other parts of the software can work in 2D mode or in 3D mode. For example:



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2D [X-Axis And Y-Axis]

In 2D, only 2 axes are involved:
- X-Axis [horizontal]
- Y-Axis [vertical]



3D [X-Axis, Y-Axis, And Z-Axis]

In 3D, 3 axes are involved:
- X-Axis [horizontal]
- Y-Axis [vertical]
- Z-Axis [depth] [Z-levels]


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