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Configuration Of Devices
Step-By-Step Configuration
Additional Functionality
Important Information




Go to the menu Preferences > Device Manager... > DMX Devices
[Keyboard shortcut: F4]

MADRIX supports various communication protocols and hardware interfaces. The majority of these communication protocols is based on DMX512. That is why these interfaces will be listed here.



Configuration Of Devices

Depending on your hardware interface further configuration may be required.
Make sure to read the corresponding chapter of this user guide regarding the correct output settings.
Learn more »OUTPUT Settings



Step-By-Step Configuration

1] Enable drivers in MADRIX.

2] Activate your device.

3] Choose if you want to use Input or Output.

4] Set up the correct DMX universe.

5] Set up the Frame Time.

6] Choose to send optimized frames or full frames.


1] Enable Drivers In MADRIX

First, make sure to activate the required USB or network drivers in MADRIX.
Learn more »Devices USB
Learn more »Devices Network


2] Activating Devices

Go to the menu Preferences > Device Manager ...> DMX Devices
[Keyboard shortcut: F4]
The tab DMX Devices will be selected automatically.
- MADRIX disconnects all DMX512, Art-Net, and other devices and starts to search for new or newly connected devices.
- Do not rescan for devices if all of your interfaces have been found correctly.
Select your device in the list.
Activate Enable
Click Apply


3] Output or Input

Make sure that your device is still selected.
A] Enable Output if you wish to send data to this device in order to put it out onto your LED fixtures.
Click Apply

DMX Devices

B] Enable Input if you wish to receive incoming data through this device.
Learn more »DMX-IN / Art-Net Remote / sACN Input
Click Apply

DMX Devices


4] DMX Universe

Make sure that your device is still selected.
Set up Universe
- Enter the specific DMX universe number
This setting assigns a specific DMX universe [of the Patch] to the device or the port of the device.
Make sure the correct universe is assigned according to your requirements.
Learn more »Glossary
Click Apply


5] Frame Time

Make sure that your device is still selected.
Set up Frame Time (ms)
- The Frame Time affects the Frame Rate. The Frame Rate specifies how fast data is sent to the device or received from it [Frames Per Second; FPS].
- Increase the Frame Time in order to decrease the Frame Rate [e.g., 40ms = 25 FPS].
- Decrease the Frame Time in order to increase the Frame Rate [e.g., 20ms = 50 FPS].
- The default value is 30 ms / 33.3 FPS.
- Some LED fixtures might have problems with a high Frame Rate. Then, it is recommended to increase the Frame Time / to decrease the Frame Rate.
Click Apply


6] Optimized Frames Or Full Frames

Make sure that your device is still selected.
Activate or deactivate Send Full Frames
- Per DMX512 standard, MADRIX only sends the number of DMX channels that is configured. For example, if you are using 312 DMX channels on a DMX universe, only 312 DMX channels will be sent with every single frame on this universe.
- Activate Send Full Frames if devices should always send full frames on a particular universe, instead of optimized frames. Sending full frames means that always the full 512 DMX channels of a DMX universe will be sent with every frame [even when you are using less than 512 channels].
- Activating Send Full Frames is recommended if problems with the data output of your devices occur.
Click Apply



Additional Functionality

Highlight Mode

Highlight Device Button

Highlight - Activates the highlight mode for the selected interface and universe under Preferences > Device Manager... > DMX Devices. Select one or more interfaces and click the button. The corresponding fixtures at the selected interfaces will flash for a better identification or tests. This makes it easier to see them on stage. It considerably speeds up the procedure of programming or testing the selected DMX512/Art-Net interfaces.


DMX Watcher

DMX Watcher


DMX Watcher - Opens the DMX Watcher to monitor your DMX output or input under Preferences > Device Manager... > DMX Devices
Learn more »Tools


Resizing The Window

If wish to resize the window of the Device Manager to see more devices in the list, simply move your mouse pointer to the bottom of this window. Then, select the border and hold the left mouse button, while moving your mouse downwards.



Important Information

Remember to configure your light matrix. Learn more »Matrix Generator or »Patch Editor
Make sure to save your MADRIX Setup file after the configuration process.
Make sure to have the correct drivers enabled in the MADRIX Options. Learn more »Options


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