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Main Mixing
Virtual DMX Universes
Important Notes




Go to the menu Preferences > Options... > Performance
[Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+O > Performance]


Set up the options as explained below.



Main Mixing

MADRIX includes effect generators and graphics render engines. Rendering is done in FPS [Frames Per Second].

FPS - Defines the frame rate of the Main Mixing, the high-level render process. Normally you do not need to change this setting.
D - Restores the default settings. The default value is 50.0 FPS.
Only change this value if it is really necessary!
Suspend DMX Output On Output Value 0 - Stops sending DMX data if the master is set to 0 or blackout is activated.
Delay (s) - Defines the remaining time in seconds that DMX data is sent based on the main mixing frame rate.
D - Restores the default settings. The default value is 0.5 s.




This performance setting refers to the overall rendering process in MADRIX.

Included Voxels - Defines which voxels of the virtual LED matrix will be included in the rendering process. You can choose from 2 modes:
All - Includes all voxels of the virtual LED matrix as defined by the Matrix Size in the Patch Editor. This includes all voxel positions with placed fixtures or without placed fixtures. Learn more »Patch Editor
Patched Only - Includes only voxels where fixtures are patched. Voxel positions where no fixtures are patched will be excluded from the rendering process. [This can improve the overall performance considerably.]
D - Restores the default settings. The default value is Patched Only.



Virtual DMX Universes

Output - Defines the number of virtual universes which MADRIX can address.
- Change this value if you need to use more virtual universes than actual DMX universes in your Patch.
- It is possible to use more virtual DMX universes than actual DMX universes by using less than 512 DMX channels per universe.
- The maximum value is 2048.
- It is recommended to set up the value that you are actually using in order to save memory.
D - Restores the default settings. The default value is 2048 DMX universes.
Please remember that your MADRIX KEY [MADRIX product] limits the number of actual DMX universes available for output.
»MADRIX KEY [Software License]


Input - Defines the number of universes which MADRIX can use for input [Preferences > Device Manager... > DMX Input].
D - Restores the default settings. The default value is 8 DMX Input universes.
- Learn more »DMX-IN / Art-Net Remote / sACN Input


Please restart the MADRIX Software if you have changed any settings.



Important Notes

All options of Performance will be saved locally on your computer. The settings described in this topic will not be saved in your MADRIX Setup file.


[Ctrl & +/-] = Zoom In/Out | [Ctrl & 0] = 100%
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