INPUT And Remote Control

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Topics Of This Chapter




You can receive data in MADRIX through various ways. That means you can use another controller or device:

to send data to the software and use this data.
to send commands to the software for Remote Control.
to route incoming data onto your output [also know as Mapping/Merging/DMX-Thru].



Topics Of This Chapter

There are several possibilities for input and remote control:

»Art-Net Remote
The Art-Net protocol includes Art-Net Remote. In this way, you can use a console for example to access certain software features remotely.
Several protocols are implemented into MADRIX for remote control over DMX-IN. Any DMX console or desk can easily be used then to gain full control over the software.
MIDI controllers are an accessible and popular way to trigger the software. Learn how to configure your MIDI device in this section.
The MA-Net protocol is the direct connection to MA Lighting products that support MA-Net.
»Time Code [Art-Net / MIDI / SMPTE / System Time]
Various types of Time Code can be received with MADRIX to synchronize equipment and devices with each other.
The GamePort is a device port to connect 3rd-party controllers.
MADRIX supports CITP. This is a useful feature when controlling MADRIX remotely, especially when using it in a combination with a lighting desk.
»Remote HTTP
MADRIX offers remote control with every internet browser. An internal web server is implemented in the software and can be started if required to gain external access.


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