Controls [Deck A / Deck B]

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Submaster Left/Right
Color Filter Left/Right
Filter [FX] Left/Right
Speed Master Left/Right




Next to Preview Left and next to Preview Right you will find different controls that affect the outcome of the entire Deck A or Deck B. They are available to you per side, as explained below.



Submaster Left/Right

Submaster - Controls the intensity of the entire Deck A or Deck B.
It will affect the visual outcome on the left or right side, independently of which Storage, Storage Place, or Layer is selected.
Left Mouse Click And Hold - Select the required value by moving the fader with the help of your mouse. Release the mouse button to set up the specific value [The fader will disappear automatically].
A value of 255 means full intensity.
A value of 0 means no intensity and will render the effect completely black.
The tooltip shows the currently set value.



Color Filter Left/Right

Color Filter - Filters the colors of the entire Deck A or Deck B.
Left Mouse Click And Hold - Select the color using the Color Picker to activate the Color Filter.
Right Mouse Click - Calls up the context menu.

Edit... - Calls up the Color Fader Box.
Choose from 3 modes:
Allow Through - Lets only the color that is chosen through and filters every other color out.
Filter Out - Removes the color that is chosen and lets all other colors through.
Colorize - Applies the chosen color as tint color.
Defaults - Restores the default color. The default value is White, which means that no filter is active.



Filter [FX] Left/Right

Filters FX - Special filters can be applied to an entire Effect Pipeline Left or Right to quickly change your visuals.
Learn more »Filters [FX]



Speed Master Left/Right



Speed Master Left/Right - Allows you to speed up or slow down effects.
Each Speed Master influences the speed of the entire Deck A or Deck B.
The Speed Masters work as a multiplier of the current speed of an effect [that includes the BPM of a Layer, the Pitch of a Layer, and the Pitch of a Storage Place.]
Example: A Speed Master of 2.0 will double the current speed.


How To Use

Move the fader upwards to increase the speed.
Move the fader downwards to decrease the speed.
The default value is 1.0 [which is normal speed].
A value of 0.0 will stop the effects.
The highest value is +10.
The lowest value is -10.
Negative values will reverse the direction of effects [if possible].
Double-click or right-click on the Speed Master button to reset to the value of 1.0



Pause Button

Pause - Will halt the effect.
Left Mouse Click And Hold - Pauses the effect as long as you hold the mouse button [temporarily].
Left Mouse Double-Click - Pauses the effects permanently. A single click deactivates the permanent stop again.


[Ctrl & +/-] = Zoom In/Out | [Ctrl & 0] = 100%
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