IconMADRIX 3 Script User Guide
IconWhat is New
IconMADRIX Script (Introduction)
IconGetting Started
IconThe Script/Macro Editor
IconWriting A Script
IconSyntax Highlighting
IconData Types And Variables
IconUsing Variables
IconUsing Data Types
IconConversion Between Data Types
IconStrings And String Operations
Icon'If' And 'Else If' Statements
Icon'Switch' Statements
Icon'For' And 'While' Loops
IconReading From External Files
IconUsing Comments
IconIncluding Extra Information
IconAdvanced Techniques
IconDraw And Render Functions
IconPixels Vs. Vectors
IconUsing Filters
IconUsing Mix Modes
IconMapping / Tiling / Rotation
IconDraw Shapes
IconRender Shapes
IconSound2Light And Music2Light
IconSound2Light (S2L)
IconMusic2Light (M2L)
IconMADRIX Script (Programming Language Overview)
IconKeyword Search
IconList Of Functions (Alphabetical Order)
IconList Of Functions (Grouped)
IconList Of Global Variables And Constants
IconList Of Operations
IconList Of Structures
IconTable Of Frequencies
IconTable Of Notes
IconMAS Script Effect
IconOverview (MAS Script Effect)
IconFunctions (MAS Script Effect)
IconUsing Frames
IconUsing GUI Elements (User Interaction)
IconMacros For Effects
IconGeneral Resources
IconOverview (Macros For Effects)
IconFunctions (Macros For Effects)
IconEffect Parameter Chaser
IconUsing BPM Control
IconUsing Color Controls
IconUsing Color Table
IconUsing M2L Color Table
IconUsing Color Gradient
IconUsing Color Gradient Dialog
IconUsing Image Table
IconUsing Directions
IconUsing Look-At Types
IconUsing Shapes
IconUsing Shape Rotation
IconUsing Text
IconUsing Position Control
IconUsing Size Control
IconUsing String Table
IconStatic Color Effects (SCE)
IconSCE Bounce
IconSCE Capture
IconSCE Clouds
IconSCE Color
IconSCE Color Change
IconSCE Color Scroll
IconSCE Counter
IconSCE Drops
IconSCE Explosions
IconSCE Fill Drops
IconSCE Fill Random
IconSCE Fill Snake
IconSCE Fill Solid
IconSCE Fire
IconSCE Flames
IconSCE Fluid
IconSCE Gradient
IconSCE Graph
IconSCE Image
IconSCE Level Color Simulator
IconSCE Metaballs
IconSCE Noise
IconSCE Plasma
IconSCE Pulse / Stroboscope
IconSCE Screen Capture
IconSCE Shapes
IconSCE Simple Shape
IconSCE Starfield
IconSCE Swarm
IconSCE Ticker / Scrolling Text
IconSCE Tubes
IconSCE Video
IconSCE Wave / Radial
IconSound2Light Effects (S2L)
IconS2L Drops
IconS2L EQ / Spectrum
IconS2L Frequency Flash
IconS2L Level Color
IconS2L Level Color Scroll
IconS2L Level Meter
IconS2L Level Shape
IconS2L Shapes
IconS2L Tubes
IconS2L Waveform
IconS2L Wavegraph
IconMusic2Light Effects (M2L)
IconM2L Color Change
IconM2L Color Scroll
IconM2L Drops
IconM2L Note Flash
IconM2L Shapes
IconM2L Single Tone Spectrum
IconM2L Tubes
IconStorage Place Macro
IconOverview (Storage Place Macro)
IconFunctions (Storage Place Macro)
IconMain Output Macro
IconOverview (Main Output Macro)
IconFunctions (Main Output Macro)
IconExamples (Main Output Macro)
IconImprint And Copyright

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