System Requirements

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Supported Operating Systems
Minimum System Requirements
Recommended Computer Specifications
General Requirements
Optional Requirements
Separate Computers



Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 10
64 bit only.


Please keep the system, drivers, and updates up to date.



Minimum System Requirements

2.0 GHz dual-core CPU
1 GB free harddisk space
1280 x 768 screen resolution
Network card
USB 2.0


Recommended Computer Specifications

At least a 2.0 GHz dual-core CPU or better
4 GB RAM or higher
2 TB SSD or higher
1920 x 1080 screen resolution or higher
Network card
USB 2.0



General Requirements

For the general functionality, the following is required:
- Devices that are compatible with RDM.
- Having those devices connected over Art-Net to interfaces/nodes that are compatible with RDM [ArtRdm].
- Learn more »Technical Standards



Optional Requirements

Depending on your use-cases, you may need to meet the following requirements:

For automatic event notifications [that is, e-mail messages]:
- An active Internet connection.
- This connection should be separated from the network card that is used for the RDM communication.
In case of using MADRIX RADAR with MADRIX RDM nodes:
- MADRIX STELLA with at least minimum firmware version 2.3.7261. [It is recommended to always use the latest firmware version.]
In case of using MADRIX RADAR with RDM nodes of third-party manufacturers:
- A MADRIX KEY with a valid MADRIX RADAR fusion license [fusion small, fusion medium, fusion large].
- Learn more
For the Big Data features:
- A MADRIX KEY with a valid MADRIX RADAR big data license.
- Installation of the PostgreSQL Database management system; in at least version 11.
- Having created a suitable database within PSQL and setting up the corresponding settings in MADRIX RADAR.
- Learn more
When using MADRIX RADAR as well as MADRIX 5:
- It is recommended to run both applications on separate computer systems. Learn more below



Separate Computers

When using MADRIX RADAR as well as MADRIX 5, it is recommended to run both applications on separate computer systems due to the following reasons:

Performance – CPU
- MADRIX 5 mainly requires CPU performance, especially when controlling large matrices or 3D projects.
- Using two separate systems ensures that MADRIX 5 can utilize the power of the main processor as required.
- The more CPU power is available, the better.
- When using two computers, MADRIX RADAR does not cause additional CPU load, which frees up resources for MADRIX 5.
Performance – Physical Memory [RAM]
- MADRIX RADAR mainly requires RAM, especially when managing a large number of RDM devices.
- Using two separate systems ensures that MADRIX RADAR has as much access to memory as required.
- The higher the amount of memory that is available, the better.
- When using two computers, MADRIX 5 does not require additional memory, which frees up resources for MADRIX RADAR.
Performance – Network Card
- MADRIX RADAR uses the network card and its available bandwidth and performance since it communicates over Ethernet network [RDM over Art-Net, i.e. ArtRdm]. The more devices MADRIX RADAR manages, the higher the requirements.
- MADRIX 5 would also use the Ethernet-based Art-Net control protocol in this case, which would also require the resources of the network card. The higher the pixel resolution and number of LED fixtures, the higher the requirements.
- In order to achieve the highest performance as well as the best reliability and stability of the network, two computers with separate network cards are recommended.
- [Using two network cards in one computer adds load to the internal bus system and large projects may already require usage of several network cards for MADRIX 5.]
Network Communication – Shared Data Socket
- Regarding communication over Art-Net and thus an Ethernet-based communication, the Windows operating only allows the first network application to send and receive network data. All other applications can only send data.
- That means on a single computer system, MADRIX RADAR needs to be launched first. Otherwise, no RDM data can be received.
- On the other hand, while MADRIX 5 would be started afterwards as second application, it would not be able to find Art-Net nodes automatically, since it is able to send the polling packet, but would not be able to receive the reply. Nodes need to be added manually in this case.
- For your own convenience and in order to prevent technical issues, two separate computers are recommended.




Please contact us if you require more information. »Imprint And Copyright


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