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Art-Net is a communication protocol that allows to distribute DMX512 data over Ethernet network. Often, so-called Art-Net nodes then act as Ethernet-to-DMX512 converters and hardware interfaces. MADRIX STELLA is such an Art-Net node, for example.


DMX512, often abridged to DMX, is an unidirectional communication protocol used mainly to control lighting luminaires, which use 5-pin XLR connectors as defined by the standard. 3-pin connectors are also common, but not defined as standard connectors.
When working with DMX-based products, each fixture needs a specific attribution via its DMX channel and its DMX universe. With the specific DMX channel and DMX universe, the LED product can be identified directly for a correct communication with the fixture.

DMX Channel

A total of 512 DMX channels is available per DMX universe. Each DMX channel is an individual control channel. Valid values range from 0 to 255, with a total of 256 values.

DMX Universe

A DMX universe contains 512 DMX channels and represents 1 DMX line. To control more than 512 DMX channels, more than 1 DMX universes need to be used. For example, 2 DMX universes represent 1024 DMX channels.

For example, you can control 170 RGB fixtures per DMX universe. That means, calculating 170 fixtures x 3 channels results in 510 DMX channels. Therefore, channel 511 and 512 will be left empty.
And if your are using more then 170 fixtures, those DMX channels will be assigned to a new DMX universe [e.g., DMX universe 2].

IP Address

Is an identifier for devices that enables network communication. It is hosted in the Internet protocol on Layer 3 of the OSI model. When using network protocols, it needs to be set up for each individual sender or recipient in the network. Art-Net and MADRIX RADAR only use TCP/IPv4.

MAC Address

Is a unique, technical identifier for devices in a network and assigned by the manufacturer. It is used in Layer 2 of the OSI model.

RDM [Remote Device Management]

In its base variant defined as 'ANSI E1.20 - 2010, Entertainment Technology - RDM - Remote Device Management Over DMX512 Networks'. A two-way means of communicating with DMX512 devices that allows not only to send instructions, but to receive data back from the device.

Subnet Mask

Is a technical grouping mechanism for network devices that relate to the IP address. When using the Internet protocol, it needs to be set up for each sender or recipient in the network for correct data routing.


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