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Network Record
Important Notes




MADRIX 5 provides settings for the different recording features [Main Output Recording, Cue List Recording, MADRIX AURA Recording].

Go to the menu Preferences > Options... > Recording
[Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+O > Recording]

Start Options

Set up the options as explained below.




Target - Defines the type of recording to be used for different areas of application.
MADRIX Record - Creates *.mrec files to be used via SCE Video. Learn more »SCE Video
Network Record - Starts a network recording process for MADRIX AURA. Learn more »MADRIX AURA
D - Restores the default settings. The default value is MADRIX Record.
Learn more »Recording
FPS - Defines the frequency with which records are recorded [in Frames Per Second].
D - Restores the default settings. The default value is 33.3 FPS.



Network Record

Becomes available when Network Record is selected under General > Target.

Group - Defines the Sync Group.
- Setting up a Sync Group assigns your device to a specific group in which it operates. In this way you, may set up several different Master-Slave clusters in the same network. As a result, these will run independently and do not affect each other.
- Make sure that Master and Slave devices that should communicate with each other are assigned to the same group!
- As such, you can start the recording process only for a specific group [ranging from 1 to 256] or to All groups.
D - Restores the default settings. The default value is All.
Learn more »MADRIX AURA



Important Notes

All Recording options will be saved locally on your computer. These settings will not be saved in your MADRIX 5 Setup file.


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