SCE Gradient

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SCE Gradient is all about creating various color gradients.





Default Settings

Default Settings

Customized Example

Customized Example



Layer Settings

Various buttons and controls have universal functions. They are available for each MADRIX Effect / Layer.
Learn more »Effect Areas [Deck A / Deck B]
Learn more »Layers



Effect Settings

This MADRIX Effect uses the following, individual controls:

Color - Defines the color via a Color Gradient and various options.
Learn more »[Global] Colors And Intensity

Angle - Allows you to change the angle in which the effect is displayed [in °]. Is only available for Mode Radial. The default value is 0. Valid values range from 0 to 359.

Cross Width - Is only available for Cross Mode [»Using Directions]. Defines the size of crossing colors [in %]. The default value is 50. Valid values range from 0.01 to 100.

Displacement - Defines the amount of distortion. The default value is 0. Valid values range from 0 to 100.


Cross Mode Axes - Is only available for Cross Mode. Allows you to choose to which axis Cross Mode applies [Axes 1 And 2, Axis 1, or Axis 2]. The default setting is Axes 1 And 2.

Displacement Distribution - Is only available for Displacement. Is applied in dependence of the direction that is chosen. Allows you to choose the area the distortion is applied to [Uniform, Linear Increasing, Linear Decreasing, Triangle]. The default setting is Uniform.

Displacement Speed - Is only available for Displacement. Allows you to choose to speed in which the distortion affects the visuals. The default setting is 0.0.

Direction/Mode - Allows you to choose the direction, including Cross Mode. This includes all directions for 2D and 3D mode. This heavily influences the visual outcome of the effect. The default setting is Bottom. Learn more »Using Directions

Look-At Type - Allows you to choose from which side you want to look at the effect. This is mainly relevant for 3D. The default setting is Front. Learn more »Using Directions



Restoring The Default Settings

Restore Default Layer Settings - Restores the default settings of the Layer.
- All Layer Settings and Effect Settings will be restored to their default values.
- This does not include the MADRIX Effect selection, the Effect Parameter Chaser [which will be paused], or the Layer Macro [which will be stopped].


[Ctrl & +/-] = Zoom In/Out | [Ctrl & 0] = 100%
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