S2L Wavegraph

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S2L Waveform displays the audio input as a graph.





Default Settings

Default Settings

Customized Example

Customized Example



Layer Settings

Various buttons and controls have universal functions. They are available for each MADRIX 5 Effect / Layer.
Learn more »Effect Areas [Deck A / Deck B]
Learn more »Layers



Effect Settings

This MADRIX 5 Effect uses the following, individual controls:

Color - Defines the color. The default color is White.
Learn more »[Global] Colors And Intensity

BPM - Defines the speed. The default speed is 6000. You can either use BPM or Time Slot. Valid values range from 0 to 9999.
Learn more »Using BPM Control

Time Slot - Defines the time interval [in s]. The default value is 0.01. You can either use BPM or Time Slot. Valid values range from 0.01 to 9999.


Direction/Mode - Allows you to choose the direction, including Look-At Type. This includes all directions for 2D and 3D mode. This heavily influences the visual outcome of the effect. The default setting is Left. Learn more »Using Directions

Channel - Allows you to choose the displayed audio channels [Stereo, Mono, Left, Right]. The default setting is Mono.



Restoring The Default Settings

Restore Default Layer Settings - Restores the default settings of the Layer.
- All Layer Settings and Effect Settings will be restored to their default values.
- This does not include the MADRIX 5 Effect selection, the Effect Parameter Chaser [which will be paused], or the Layer Macro [which will be stopped].


[Ctrl & +/-] = Zoom In/Out | [Ctrl & 0] = 100%
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