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Make sure that MADRIX AURA is the only sender in the network when playing back scenes.
[You will run into issues if the original sender from which the device recorded its data from is still sending to the same universes.]

When using MADRIX 5 to send data to MADRIX AURA for recording, it is recommended to use the MADRIX 5 option Preferences > Options... > Performance > Suspend DMX Output On Output Value 0
- In this way, you can test the recorded scenes directly using MADRIX AURA, when both senders are in the same network by setting the Master to 0 in MADRIX 5 after recording.

Make sure to send control data to the device before you start a recording process [Art-Net or Streaming ACN]!

Based on the FAT32 file system, files on the SD card can only have a maximum file size of 4 GB. Should the current recording process create files with such a file size, MADRIX AURA will automatically create new files and continue recording, and add a second index number to the file name in addition to the original index.

Format SD cards for usage with MADRIX AURA with FAT32 File System and 64 kilobytes Allocation Unit Size.
You can use the special function provided on the device's website. Learn more »Special Commands

For the best performance and operation, always use a freshly formatted SD card.

You will see a status message, when the inserted memory card is not ready for recording [No SD Card, SD Card Full, SD Card Protected].


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