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Restore Default Window Layout
Working With Lists
Showing Or Hiding Views
Re-Arranging The Layout




The user interface of the software can be customized to your preferences.



Restore Default Window Layout

Menu View > Restore Default Window Layout - Applies the default settings for the graphical user interface, including sizes and layout. As such, it resets any changes in size you made to the software window.




You can change the general appearance of the software.

Menu Themes > Light - Activates the user interface theme that is light.
Menu Themes > Dark - Activates the user interface theme that is darker.
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Light Theme

Dark Theme



Working With Lists


MADRIX RADAR mainly presents information in lists.
There are numerous options to adjust the views and the information presented to you.


Show Or Hide Columns

MADRIX RADAR allows you to choose which columns are presented in list views. You can decide which columns are hidden or shown.

Right Mouse Click - Perform a click with your right mouse button anywhere on the header of a list.


Show Column - A checkmark means that this particular column is shown.

Hide Column - No checkmark means that this particular column is hidden.



You can easily adjust how items are sorted in lists.

Click on a column header in order to sort the entire list accordingly.

Ascending Order - An up-arrow means that items are shown in ascending order.

Descending Order - A down-arrow means that items are shown in descending order.


Re-Arranging Columns

You can easily change the order of columns in lists.

Left Mouse Click + Hold + Drag & Drop - Perform a click with your left mouse button on a column header, continue to hold it, and move the header to its new position on the list. Release the mouse button in order to let the column snap into its place.



Showing Or Hiding Views

Undock View - Allows you to quickly undock a single view [in order to use it as separate window or to rearrange the GUI layout].

Close View - Allows you to quickly close a single view. Alternatively, you can use the menu View.
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Re-Arranging The Layout

You can completely rearrange all views in the software.

1] Undock a view.


2] Perform a left mouse click + hold on the top bar of the new view window and drag the view into its designated place.


3] The view will snap into its new location.


4] A variety of locations is available to position views anew. [Vertically, three levels/rows are available.]

5] Use the drag-handle that is positioned between views to increase or decrease the width of views.

6] In addition, views can be positioned on top of another. Single views can also be shown on a different monitor, for example.


[Ctrl & +/-] = Zoom In/Out | [Ctrl & 0] = 100%
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