MADRIX 5 Quick Support

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Along with the MADRIX 5 Software another separate tool is provided. It is called MADRIX 5 Quick Support

MADRIX Quick Support




When contacting the MADRIX Support Team, you may be asked by them to use the MADRIX 5 Quick Support tool for technical support assistance on your computer.

Click on the shortcut in order to launch it [see below where to find it].

After the tool has been launched, wait until Ready to connect (secure connection) is shown.

The MADRIX Support Team will then be able to connect to your computer.

A new message window opens that reads: 'MADRIX would like to view and control your desktop. Would you like to allow that?'
Please confirm by clicking Allow

The MADRIX Support Team will now be connected.



Where To Find

MADRIX 5 Quick Support is included in the MADRIX 5 Installer. After installing MADRIX 5, you can find the link to MADRIX 5 Quick Support in the Windows Start menu:

In Windows 10, go to Start > MADRIX 5 > MADRIX 5 Quick Support

The original, executable program can be found in the MADRIX 5 installation directory:

C:\Program Files\MADRIX5


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