Installation Process

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Important Notes
Downloading The Software Online
Setup Process
Software Update



Important Information

Please note regarding Purchased Products, Demo Version, Updates:
- The MADRIX software can be downloaded from » Regular updates of the software are also available online. Our demo version of the software is fully functional and includes the software with every single feature, but it restricts output. The full version will be activated once you connect the USB software protection dongle to your computer or use a MADRIX hardware product with integrated software license. Learn more »MADRIX KEY [Software License]
It is highly recommended to always use the latest software update.




When using a MADRIX CD-ROM for the installation process, please insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive of your operational computer. The MADRIX setup will start automatically using an Auto Installer. Please wait until the setup has fully loaded. Then, proceed with the Setup Process as described below. When the Auto Installer does not launch, please navigate to the CD in Windows and manually start the setup process by performing a double-click on MADRIX_Install.exe



Downloading The Software Online

Download MADRIX_Full_Install.exe from »
After downloading the MADRIX_Full_Install.exe, please double-click with your mouse on this file in order to start the setup process.
Please wait while the Auto Installer is loading the setup.
Afterwards, proceed with the Setup Process as described below.



Setup Process

Please make sure to:

1] Log into Windows as administrator [Admin].

2] Let the computer process the setup. This may take some minutes depending on the speed of your computer.

3] Allow Windows to install all drivers. Windows may ask for your permission to install drivers and expects your input. Please search for such pop-up windows; they might covered by other windows.


Please install the MADRIX software before you connect a MADRIX KEY or a MADRIX hardware interface.


Step 1]

Please select your preferred language and confirm with OK
You can always quit the setup by choosing Cancel
Click Back in order to return to a previous step during the setup process.


Step 2]

Click Next to start the installation.


Step 3]

The License Agreement will appear. It outlines the terms you are agreeing to by installing the software. You must accept these terms in order to continue.
Please click I Agree


Step 4]

This window allows you to select which components and which drivers you want to install. A description is given for each item.
MADRIX - This component is always required and refers to the MADRIX software and all additional software tools.
MADRIX Interface Driver - Includes the drivers for all MADRIX hardware interfaces, such as MADRIX NEO, MADRIX PLEXUS, MADRIX LUNA, etc.
Desktop Shortcut - Select if you wish to create a shortcut to the MADRIX software on your Windows desktop.
Quick Launch Shortcut - Select if you wish to create a shortcut to the MADRIX software in your Windows taskbar.
Examples - Select if you wish to install examples including setups, effects, scripts, etc. Learn more »Examples
MADRIX KEY Driver - Select if you wish to use MADRIX KEY start, dvi start, entry, dvi entry, basic, dvi, professional, or ultimate. This installs the driver for the USB software protection dongle.
Interface Drivers - Select in order to copy drivers for various DMX interfaces. The drivers can be found in the MADRIX installation directory of MADRIX then. This component is not necessary if you only want to use the MADRIX NEO or PLEXUS interface.
Visualizer Driver - Select if you wish to install the WYSIWYG driver in order to use the Visualizer software WYSIWYG together with MADRIX. Learn more »WYSIWYG Visualizer
WinPcap Driver - Select if you wish to use the EuroLite T9 or ColourSmart Link protocol.
Next - Click Next after choosing the components in order to continue.


Step 5]

Choose an installation directory on your harddisk where the software will be installed. A default Destination Folder will automatically be provided by the setup.
Browse... - Click to change the folder.
Install - Click to start the installation process.


Step 6]

The installation process may take a few minutes.
Installation Complete - Click Next when this message shown.


Step 7]

Run MADRIX - Deselect if you do not wish to start the software now.
Finish - Click to quit the setup.


When starting MADRIX for the first time, please make sure to learn more about working with Windows. Learn more »Tips [Microsoft Windows / Networks / USB]




The Quick Start Guides of MADRIX NEO or MADRIX PLEXUS interfaces describe which software elements should be installed when you wish to use such hardware interfaces. If you want to use a MADRIX KEY [e.g., MADRIX basic], please re-install the software and choose the necessary software components. You will need to install at least the MADRIX KEY Driver [When using only a MADRIX interface, this software component is not necessary]. Other components may be necessary according to your requirements. Learn more Setup Process



Software Update

Checking For New Software Version

MADRIX can search for new software updates.

Select Help > Check For Software Updates...

Or let MADRIX automatically search for updates.

To do so, select Preferences > Options... > Startup > Check For Software Updates
Choose Skip Update if you would like to skip a particular version.
View Release Notes - Is a link that will open your default web browser and launch the MADRIX website to show all changes and improvements of MADRIX software updates.
Download MADRIX 3 - Is a direct link to quickly download the latest MADRIX 3 software version.
Download The Latest MADRIX Software - Is a direct link to quickly download the latest MADRIX software version, which might be much newer than MADRIX 3.

MADRIX Update Dialog


Installing New Software Versions

When a new software version has been released, please update your current MADRIX installation to the newest version.

Check and download the latest MADRIX software directly as described above.
You can also directly download it from »
It is not required to deinstall MADRIX before you install a new software version.
Instead, follow the process described under Downloading The Software Online
The installer will ask you if you would like to update your current MADRIX software installation. Confirm with Yes


End Of Support

Please note: MADRIX 3.6j is the last software update for MADRIX 3. No additional software updates are planned. Bugfix support has thus ended. Project support for MADRIX 3 ends May 07, 2020.


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