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The Information section displays various details about the device.



Service Functions

View Logfile

Shows a new Logfile view including the last 30 entries of the logfile for technical support; beginning with the latest entry.

Refreshes the list of entries.

Downloads the selected logfile. Make sure to select the correct logfile first from the drop-down list.

Highlight Device

Activates the highlight mode [ArtAddress > AcLedLocate]. The corresponding status indicators of the selected interfaces will flash for a better identification or tests. This makes it easier to see them on site/stage. It considerably speeds up the procedure of programming or testing the selected interfaces.

See also »LED Status Indicators [ArtAddress]



Device Help

Online Help

Opens » where you can find user guides and technical manuals.



Device Information


Shows if the device is a MADRIX AURA 2, MADRIX AURA 8, or MADRIX AURA 32.

Serial Number

Shows the individual and unique number of the device.


Shows the current version of the device's firmware.


Shows the current version of the device's bootloader.


Shows the hardware revision of the device.

MAC Address

Shows the permanent, unique address for identification in Ethernet networks.



Status Information

IP Address

Shows the IP address set for the device as common identifier in Ethernet networks.

Date And Time

Shows the date and time settings the device is currently working with.


Shows how much time has passed since the last startup after a power cycle or system reboot [HH:MM:SS].


Show the ambient temperature the device currently measures in its case.


Shows the currently measured voltages for Power and System, which includes USB, processor, and network switch.


Shows if the device is connected and/or powered over a USB connection.

Right Ethernet Port

Shows the current status of the right network connection [No Link, 10 MBit/s, 100 MBit/s, 1000 MBit/s, Full-Duplex, Half-Duplex].

Left Ethernet Port

The current status of the left network connection [No Link, 10 MBit/s, 100 MBit/s, 1000 MBit/s, Full-Duplex, Half-Duplex].

SD-Card Status

Shows which kind of memory card is currently inserted into the device, incl. total capacity [in MiB], currently used capacity [in MiB], and file system as well as its cluster size [FAT32 and 32 kilobytes Allocation Unit Size is required].

SD-Card Details

Shows detailed information about the memory card that is currently inserted into the device, which can help in technical support cases.


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