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The Cue List section allows you to organize scenes and to create a show that can automatically be played back.

Save the configuration to the SD card when finished via Save.

MADRIX AURA can manage a maximum of 1000 Scenes.



Cue List Scenes

Shows all scenes that are included in the cue list.

Control Buttons

Plays back the cue list starting with the currently selected cue.

Stops the cue list and playback.

Adds a new cue.

Duplicates the currently selected cue.

Moves the currently selected cue one item up in the list.

Moves the currently selected cue one item down in the list.

Removes the currently selected cue from the cue list.

Removes all cues from the cue list.

Saves all changes to the SD card.   Shows that the configuration has been modified and that there are unsaved changes.

Shows that the SD card is write-protected [locked] or that no SD card is inserted into the device.


Shows the order of cues in the cue list.

Cue Name

Shows the label of the cue.

Follow Cue

Shows if another cue is played back after this cue and which cue that will be [None, Next Cue, Previous Cue, Cue #, Endless].



Cue Settings

Shows details and settings of the currently selected cue.

Confirm any changes with Set.

Cue Name

Allows you to change the name of the cue.

Scene File

Allows you to assign a specific file to the currently selected cue. Choose from the available scenes or set to None.

None allows you to configure a cue list without the need to have scene files already available.

If set to None, playback will stop at this point and MADRIX AURA will report back Error -1 (File Error), which means the file has not been found. A cue list will show a warning sign for your information.

If the selection is empty and shows a warning sign, you may have deleted the scene file from the SD card.


Sets the individual output brightness for this cue. Valid values range from 0 % to 100 %. The default value is 100 %.


Allows you to set how many times a cue should be repeated and in this way looped. Endless will loop it indefinitely. The default value is 1.
Tip: Use Fade Type White together with Endless repetition in order to create long-lasting cues that use scenes with only a short recording duration.


Sets the playback direction. Choose from Forward, Backward, or Ping Pong [which changes the direction each time between forward and backward.]


Sets the playback speed of the cue. Valid values range from 1 % to 200 %. The default value is 100 %.
[This speed is multiplied by the playback speed of the device; for a total maximum speed of 400 %.]

Fade Type

Fades at the start of a cue for smooth transitions from the previous cue. Sets how cues are faded. The default value is White.

None - Applies no fade between cues.

Black - Uses the color black between cues.

Cross - Cross-fades between cues

White - Uses the color white between cues.

Fade-In Time

Fades at the start of a cue for smooth transitions from the previous cue. Sets the duration of the fade. Valid values range from 0.0 s to 3600 s. The default value is 2.0.

Follow Cue

Defines what follows after this cue. Choose from None, Next Cue, Previous Cue, or Cue [jumping to a specific cue; please enter the correct cue number in this case in the input field to the right side].


[Ctrl & +/-] = Zoom In/Out | [Ctrl & 0] = 100%
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