DMX Output With Various DMX Interfaces

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use a (3rd-party) DMX interface for DMX output in MADRIX. For this example, we will use a Soundlight USBDMX-TWO interface.


Date: 09/2014
MADRIX Version: 3.3 (Created with)

Note: To control DMX fixtures with a third-party DMX interface, you need an additional MADRIX KEY with a license for DMX512-based output. For further information, please visit »

Before we start, please make sure that the MADRIX Key and the interface are installed correctly.



Start MADRIX, go to Preferences > Options, and choose the tab Devices USB

Now, you can see a list with supported DMX interfaces.


Choose your interface and enable it (the checkbox will be illuminated in green). In this example, we choose the Soundlight USBDMX-TWO driver.

Click OK


The driver for the Daslight interface is now enabled. In this step, we have to add the interface to the MADRIX DMX devices. Go to Preferences > Device Manager and click the Search button


After a view seconds, you should see the enabled interfaces.

If you do not see the enabled devices in the list, please have a look at the tutorial »Where You Can Find Connected Hardware


Now select your DMX interface and have a look at the Settings section on the right-hand side of the Device Manager.

Enable: If you want to control fixtures with the interface or if you want to MADRIX remotely, the checkbox should be illuminated in green (activated). Otherwise, the interface is Off.
Output: The checkbox should be illuminated in green (activated) if you want to control DMX fixtures via MADRIX through the selected interface.
Input: This checkbox should be illuminated in green if you want to control MADRIX remotely having connected a DMX controller to this interface.
Universe: Here you can set which DMX universe should be controlled via the selected interface and MADRIX.
Frame Time (ms): Leave the default value. This settings allows you to define after which time (in milliseconds) a new frame will be sent.
Send Full Frames: The default setting is Optimized (deactivated). That means you are sending only DMX values for the used channels. If you use Full Frames, DMX values for all 512 channels will be sent.

Click OK


Congratulations! Now you have configured a (3rd-party) DMX interface in MADRIX.


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