Where You Can Find Connected Hardware

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This tutorial shows you how you can find all connected interfaces in the MADRIX software. Furthermore, there are instructions about what you have to do if MADRIX doesn't detect all connected interfaces.


Date: 09/2014
MADRIX Version: 3.3 (Created with)

Requirements: For this tutorial it is necessary to install the MADRIX software as described in the previous tutorial (»Installation Of The MADRIX Software).





Now, there are two different ways to find the interfaces and MADRIX KEY(s). The first way describes the procedure if you only use MADRIX hardware. The second way describes the procedure if are using various 3rd-party interfaces.


If you use only MADRIX hardware, it is very easy to check. Go to Help > About

You can see which MADRIX KEYs and/or interfaces are identified. Every device has its own row/entry in the table.

Click OK


If you use various 3rd-party interfaces, go to Preferences > Device Manager > DMX Devices or press F4 > DMX Devices. Now, you see the connected devices.

If there is no device displayed,

go to Preferences > Options > Devices USB or press Crtl+Alt+O > Devices USB and select your interface in use. Click OK

Now, go back to the Device Manager > DMX Devices (press F4) and click the Search button.

You should see the connected devices in the list now.


This step is only necessary if you don't see all your plugged-in devices in MADRIX as described in step 2.
Close MADRIX. Go to Windows > Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manager and see if there is any device where no driver is installed. You can see it with the help of the yellow question mark in front of the device name.

Select this device, press the right mouse button, and select Install driver. After the driver installation go back to step 2 and try again.


Congratulations! You have found all detected interfaces in MADRIX.


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