Setting Up LEDShow T9 For EUROLITE LSD Soft Displays

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In this tutorial, you will learn how you can set up the EUROLITE LSD AIO Network control system in order to use it with MADRIX and the T9 protocol.


Date: 12/2012
LEDShow T9 Version: 10.50 (Created with)

Note: It is necessary to configure the AIO Controller/LED Show T9. Without this initial configuration, you cannot use T9 in MADRIX. But after this one-time configuration, you will not need to use LED Show T9 anymore.


Before we start, please note: If the following warning appears, please always confirm with Yes



Download the Preset T9.DAT again and unzip it. The file is available in the Downloads section of the following »Link


Start the LED Show T9 software and go to Control(C) > LEDAdmin(L)


The following window will be opened.

Click the button parameter set, which you can find to the middle on the right-hand side. Now, you will be asked for a password. Type T9 into the textfield and confirm with OK


Now, the window LED Setting(LED1) will be opened. Please click Load on the Board Type tab.
Note: If there is no reaction of the button, please click below the label of the Load button.


Now, choose the Preset T9.DAT file you just downloaded and click Open


Close the LEDSetting(LED1) window by clicking the X on the top.


Now, go to Control(C) > LEDAdmin(L) again and change the width and height to 128 each. Confirm with the button Change


Usually, you can see a preview image displaying a white eurolite on the LSD curtain. If it is displayed correctly, you do not need to change anything. If it is mirrored/inverted, you should to change direction(front) from right-left to left-right


Now, click parameter set again, type in T9 as the Admin key into the textfield of the Key Input window, and click OK. The LEDSetting(LED1) window will be opened.


Select to the receiver connection tab of the LEDSetting(LED1) window.


Select the displayed LSD on the left side (it should be illuminated in blue).


Enable use real-time parameters in computer... and click Send. You can see a progress bar and after it has been sent, you will get a send complete message. Click OK to close the message.


Now, select use parameters saved in receiver card... and click Send again. You can see a progress bar and after it has been sent, you will get a send complete message. Click OK to close the message.


Close the LEDSetting(LED1) window and close the LEDShow T9 software. Please make sure that the software is really closed, as it sometimes will be minimized to the Windows system tray.


You can now configure MADRIX for T9 control. Please have a look at the tutorial »T9 Configuration In MADRIX


Congratulations! You have configured your EUROLITE LSD AIO Network control system.


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