TRI Color Change

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Functions Provided By TRI Color Change

This effect uses the following functions:

This Effect uses the general TRI functions. Learn more »General

This Effect uses the Color Controls. Learn more »Using Color Controls

This Effect uses the Color Table. Learn more »Using Color Table




void SetFadeIn(int value)

Sets the Fade In value.

int GetFadeIn()

Returns the current Fade In value.

void SetFadeOut(int value)

Sets the Fade Out value.

int GetFadeOut()

Returns the current Fade Out value.

void SetTriggerAutomatic(int value)

Use 1 (TRUE) to activate the Automatic option. Use 0 (FALSE) to deactivate it.

int GetTriggerAutomatic()

Returns 1 (TRUE) if the Automatic option is activated, otherwise 0 (FALSE).

void ToggleTriggerAutomatic()

Toggles the Automatic option.

void SetTriggerMode(int mode)

Sets the Trigger Mode. Please use a constant as described below for mode.

int GetTriggerMode()

Returns the current Trigger Mode.


Trigger Mode Constants




The triggered color will be displayed only as long as the trigger port input continues. Otherwise, the base color will be displayed.


The triggered color will be displayed even after the trigger port input has finished. The base color will be ignored.


MADRIX Version: 5.5 | Script Version: 3.14
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