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Functions Provided By MADRIX TRI Effects



void AddTrigger(float position, float value, int segmentcount)

Triggers an event for the TRI Effect.
Position defines the position of the triggered effect from the left edge of the virtual LED matrix to the right side of the virtual LED matrix (in percent). Valid values for position range from 0.0 to 1.0  (whereas 1.0 is already outside the Matrix Size)
Value defines the opacity of the triggered effect from transparent to opaque (in percent). Valid values for value range from 0.0 to 1.0
Segment Count divides the virtual LED matrix into the specified number of segments. (It is especially useful for effects like TRI Drops and TRI Fluid.) segmentcount = 0 does not use segments and instead uses the entire virtual LED matrix. Then, position is interpreted as one-to-one. If segmentcount > 0, position is interpreted relative to the number of segments. Dividing in segments also means that positions are applied to the center of each segment. This also works for segmentcount = 1. For example, segmentcount = 5 divides it into 5 segments, where you could trigger 5 single drops, which are centered in their corresponding segments (if their position values lie within each different segment). Valid values for segmentcount range from 0 to 2147483647.

void SetTriggerPort(int port)

Sets the Trigger Port for the MADRIX TRI Effect. Valid values for port range from 0 to 7.

int GetTriggerPort()

Returns the currently set Trigger Port.


MADRIX Version: 5.5 | Script Version: 3.14
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