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MADRIX Script is the scripting language of MADRIX. It is built into MADRIX.

This document is for all those who want to develop and modify light effects with the help of MADRIX Script. This does not require any programming knowledge although such knowledge can be helpful.



With MADRIX Script you could do the following, for example:

Displaying the current time using SCE Ticker / Scrolling Text.

Increasing and decreasing the size of shapes according to the audio input level.

Automatically activating or deactivating a Blackout at certain times.

Setting different Layer filters for different Layers according to automatic parameters.



4 Locations

There are 4 possibilities to use MADRIX Script.

MAS Script Effect
The first option is to create a new effect from scratch.
Learn more »MAS Script Effect

Macros for Effects
The second option involves modifying the settings of a MADRIX Effect. This includes all SCE, S2L, M2L, TRI, and MAS effects.
Learn more »Macros for Effects

Storage Place Macro
Third, you can use Storage Place macros to influence every single Storage Place individually.
Learn more »Storage Place Macro

Global Macro
The fourth possibility controls global features and mainly the Main Output directly.
Learn more »Global Macro


MAS Script Effect — Create Your Own Effects

MADRIX offers endless possibilities to create a light show. However, there are a lot more things that you are maybe not able to do with the current stock effects. The script effect, called MAS Script Effect, provides the possibility to program your own, original effects.


Macros For Effects — Control Running Effects

Macros are also written in MADRIX Script, but are part of an effect. With macros it is possible to control effects (or Layers) and change their outcome. For example, render parts of an effect transparent or change the color with a gray filter.


Storage Place Macro — Control Individual Storage Places Including All Layers

The Storage Place Macro allows you to use a macro that affects your individual Storage Place including all of its Layers.


Global Macro — Control Your Final Output

Whereas the MAS Script Effect is an individual effect in itself and while macros can be used to manipulate single effects or Layers, the Global Macro mainly affects the final output of MADRIX towards your LEDs.


MADRIX Version: 5.5 | Script Version: 3.14
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