Macros And Scripts

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MADRIX 5 features its own scripting language. With this programming language you can create scripts or macros for MADRIX 5.

You can use it to create your own light effects, as was described in the previous chapter.

In addition, it may be used to control and manipulate running effects.




Effect Macro ButtonEditor - Controls the corresponding Macro Editor.

There are 4 possibilities to use Macros in MADRIX 5:

MAS Script Effect
The first option to create a new effect from scratch.

Macros for Effects
The second option involves modifying the settings of an MADRIX 5 Effect. This includes all SCE, S2L, M2L, TRI, and MAS effects.

Storage Place Macro
Fourth, you can use storage place macros to control every single storage place individually

Global Macro
The third possibility controls the main output and global features directly.


On the one hand, macros can be used to manipulate the outcome of an effect.
Examples include rendering parts of effects transparent or changing the color via a gray filter.

On the other hand, macros can be used to change settings of an effect.
A macro can set the text of the SCE Ticker effect to current time, for example.

Each effect is equipped with a Macro button that opens the Macro Editor. Use the window to write, load, and edit existing macros.

Each Storage Area has one macro button.

The Fade Area includes the button to the Main Output Macro.

The MAS Script Effect does have one button for scripts and a standard button for a macro.



How To Use

Effect Macro Button

Macro - Allows you to configure and manage a Macro. At the same time this means that no Macro is running or included.

Effect Macro Button

Deactivated [Macro Included] - A macro is included/inserted in the Macro Editor, but the macro is currently not running.

Left Mouse Click - Click once to activate the Macro.

Effect Macro Button

Activated - A macro has been compiled and is currently running.

Left Mouse Click - Click once to deactivate the Macro.

Right Mouse Click - Opens the context menu.

Edit... - Opens the Macro Editor to write, edit, include, and compile Macros.

Open... - Loads a Macro from an external file [of the file type *.mms or *.mcm]. Once loaded, the Macro will automatically be activated.

Copy - Copies the Macro to the clipboard of the computer.

Paste - Pastes the Macro from the clipboard into the currently selected Macro Editor.
- If the copied Macro is running, the new Macro will be automatically activated as well.
- If the copied Macro is deactivated, the new Macro will be automatically deactivated as well.

Clear - Removes all content from the Macro Editor and thereby deactivates and erases any Macro. The default content will be restored.



More Information

The complete MADRIX Script Language is described in the MADRIX 5 Script Help. In the Windows Start Menu, go to:

In Windows 10, go to Start > MADRIX 5 > Help MADRIX 5 Script


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