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LED fixtures are implemented using the MADRIX 5 Fixture Editor. The fixtures are stored in the MADRIX 5 Fixture Library [madrix.mflx].

Fixture Editor




With the help of the MADRIX 5 Fixture Editor, you can

see how fixtures are integrated in MADRIX 5,

see how many and which fixtures are already included,

adjust settings to your requirements,

implement and add fixtures to the library yourself.



Where To Find

MADRIX 5 Fixture Editor is included in the MADRIX 5 Installer. After installing MADRIX 5, you can find the link to the tool in the Windows Start menu:

In Windows 10, go to Start > MADRIX 5 > MADRIX 5 Fixture Editor

The original, executable program can be found in the MADRIX 5 installation directory:

C:\Program Files\MADRIX5



Important Notes

Always make a backup of the madrix.mflx before and after applying any changes.

When updating your MADRIX 5 Software, the Setup [Auto Installer] will automatically create a "madrix.mflx.bak". This file is a backup of your old MADRIX 5 Fixture Library. Moreover, the Setup will overwrite the current madrix.mflx completely to update the library.

Please quit MADRIX 5 before using the Fixture Editor and making any changes to the MADRIX 5 Fixture Library.



More Information

You can learn more in the separate user guide for the MADRIX 5 Fixture Editor.


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