PC Power Management

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Why Is Power Management Important?
Activate High Performance
How To Change USB Power Settings



Why Is Power Management Important?

We strongly recommend to deactivate all power saving options in Microsoft Windows in order to ensure an interruption-free operation of MADRIX.


Microsoft Windows operating systems offer a wide variety of power management options. In most cases, PCs, laptops, notebooks, and netbooks benefit from a longer battery life if a good power management is in use. But certain problems might occur because of computer power savings nevertheless:

After a while your MADRIX KEY cannot be identified by the software anymore.
Your hardware interfaces are suddenly deactivated.




Make sure to set up power-saving settings especially if you are using:

MIDI controllers [via USB]
USB hardware interfaces [such as MADRIX NEO]
A notebook/laptop to run MADRIX


Make sure to change the USB power settings.
Especially for notebooks, we recommend to activate the High performance power plan.



Activate High Performance

This setting will make sure that your notebook or laptop will have all its potential performance available for MADRIX.

In Windows, select Start > Control Panel > Power Options, and change the power plan to High performance
[You might need to click on Show additional plans].



How To Change USB Power Settings

In Windows, select Start > Control Panel > Power Options > Change power-saving settings

Power Options

Click Change advanced power settings

Change Advance User Settings

Especially the USB settings are important. Disable the suspend settings!

Disable Energy Saving Options

Change any other settings that might interrupt the operation as required [Choose Change advanced power settings].


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