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DMX-IN Via Ethernet Network [Streaming ACN / sACN]

You can connect MADRIX LUNA over Ethernet network to the network card of your computer that runs the MADRIX 5 Software. Data is sent to the LUNA via the DMX-IN port and from the LUNA to the MADRIX 5 via Ethernet network.



1] Initial Configuration

Connect your external DMX controller to the DMX-IN port of MADRIX LUNA.

Connect MADRIX LUNA to power.
[Please see safety instructions in the MADRIX LUNA Technical Manual & Quick Start Guide!]

Connect MADRIX LUNA to your computer via network cabling.

It is highly recommended to use Gigabit Ethernet network components [network card, switches, etc.].



2] Windows Network Settings

MADRIX 5 automatically sets up Streaming ACN network settings for you.

You only need a computer with a network card and a valid IP address.


You do not have to change the IP address settings in Windows for Streaming ACN!

The IP address range for sACN devices is 239.255.X.X according to the Streaming ACN specifications.
[Even if your sACN devices are set to a different IP address range, you may try the connection from MADRIX 5 to your devices.]

Make sure that your Firewall does not block data of the 239.255.X.X IP address range!

Check the settings of the Windows Firewall.

Learn more »Tips [Microsoft Windows / Networks / USB]



3] Activating Streaming ACN

Go to the menu Preferences > Options... > Devices Network
[Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+O > Devices Network]

Activate Enable ESTA - Streaming ACN

Choose your network card from the drop-down list. Make sure to select the correct network adapter that will be used for Streaming ACN!
[The IP address and Subnet mask label should help you select the correct adapter. It is not necessary to change any of these networks settings.]

ACN Device Count - Set up how many you are going to use.
[This is the total amount of OUT and IN devices. Please set the exact number of devices you are using. If the count is higher, this creates unnecessary network traffic.]

Click Apply

Devices (Network)


ACN CID - Being a network protocol, Streaming ACN sends a so-called CIDs [Component Identifier].
- Every single ACN device has such a unique ID.
- When using Streaming ACN, your MADRIX 5 Software is one of those devices.
- When you start MADRIX 5 for the first time, this ID will be generated automatically for you. From this point onwards it will be used on your PC.
- With this ID your MADRIX 5 Software can be easily identified in the network. Interfaces can detect this unique ID and can be configured to receive data from this particular device. Please note that the ACN interface must support this feature.
- Do not change the ACN CID, unless you are an experienced user!

Click OK to close the window.



4] Enabling Input

Go to Preferences > Device Manager... > DMX Devices
[Keyboard shortcut: F4]

MADRIX 5 automatically creates and adds the number of interfaces to the list.
[according to ACN Device Count]

Select your device.

Right Mouse Click on the column OUT / IN to set to IN for data input if you wish to receive incoming data through this device.

In DMX-IN mode, you will not be able to select the ACN protocol. MADRIX 5 will automatically select the correct protocol version.


Note: If you are loading a MADRIX 5 Setup, please check if the number of ACN devices in your setup corresponds with the number that is activated. The Setup stores the number of devices. But if you changed the amount and then loaded the Setup, the newly defined number will be activated.



5] Configure Your Device

Make sure that your device is still selected under Preferences > Device Manager... > DMX Devices


A new window will open.

ACN Configure Device

Set up the following settings for your devices:

Source Name - Allows you to set up a specific name for the device. This name is send via network as well. Therefore, interfaces may be able to retrieve this name and can be configured to receive data from this source.
- If you are using the default name MADRIX U:X, the universe will automatically be displayed in the name [represented by X: 1, 2, 3, etc.].

ACN Universe - Defines the DMX universe from which data is received.
- Set up the same universe that is set up in your MADRIX LUNA according to the Web Configuration. By default, MADRIX LUNA sends input data to network universe 256. You can change these settings in the Web Configuration if required.
- According to the Streaming ACN specifications, MADRIX 5 will automatically change the ACN IP Address according to the ACN Universe.

Click Apply to confirm your changes.

Click OK to close the window.



6] Enable DMX-IN

Go to the menu Preferences > Device Manager... > DMX Input

DMX Input Tab

Select your preferred DMX Universe in the list.
[By default, DMX universe 1 to 8 are listed. If you wish to increase the number of DMX-IN universes, you can change the setting under Options > Performance.

Choose your DMX-IN Device in the section Device



[If needed, you can disable DMX-IN by choosing None for your DMX-IN Device in the section Device]

sACN input is now activated. MADRIX 5 can already receive DMX data.

Now, choose how to use incoming data as explained below.



7] sACN Input


At this point, MADRIX 5 is now already receiving any incoming data.

You can now use this data, for example for Scripts and Macros.

If you want to monitor incoming signals, select your DMX universe/DMX device in the list and click



Use Mapping, if you want to route incoming DMX signals through MADRIX 5 to your output [DMX-Thru].

First, select your device in the list.

Activate Mapping

This feature maps incoming data to the specified DMX universe and channels.



Configure the following settings in the section Mapping
- Map Channels From - Defines which incoming channels are used. This is the start channel to specify the range of channels.
- To - Defines which incoming channels are used. This is the end channel to specify the range of channels.
- To Universe - Defines onto which output DMX universe MADRIX 5 should map the specified range of incoming channels.
- Start At Channel - Defines the first DMX channel of the output DMX universe MADRIX 5 should use.
- Use HTP - Activates the Highest Takes Precedence feature. You can map incoming data to a DMX address range that MADRIX 5 already controls. Use HTP and MADRIX 5 will compare incoming values with the DMX data it sends to the DMX output. As a result, MADRIX 5 will only use the highest of both values on a particular channel and send it to the output.

Click Apply to confirm.


Remote Control

Use Remote Control, if you want to control the MADRIX 5 Software remotely

First, select your device in the list.

Activate Remote

Select one of the built-in protocols in the section Remote Control as explained below
or create your own remote configuration.



Open MADRIX MIDI Remote Configuration

Open - Loads a previously saved MADRIX 5 DMX Remote Configuration file [of the file type *.mdrx].

DMX-IN Protocols

Protocols - Choose from a pre-configured protocol [configuration].

MIDI Remote Control Edit

DMX-IN Remote Editor - Allows you to modify a configuration or create a new configuration.

Start Address

Start Address - Defines on which particular DMX channel the protocol should start. The whole protocol will be mapped to this new address area.

DMX Watcher - Opens the DMX Watcher to monitor your DMX output or input.



Use Trigger, if you want to use incoming signals for the MADRIX 5 TRI Effects.

First, select your device in the list.

Activate Trigger



Port - Defines the port [Port 1 - 8] that is assigned to this DMX-IN Device. MADRIX 5 allows you to send trigger signals from up to 8 different devices [8 ports] and assign a MADRIX 5 TRI Effect the corresponding port.

Value Range - Defines the range of incoming DMX values that can be used as trigger signal.
- The minimum and default value is 1.
- The maximum and default value is 512.

MIDI Remote Control Edit

Assign Minimum Value - Automatically assigns the minimum value when using the controller.
- Click Assign and use the control on your controller for the minimum value and the value will be set automatically in the MADRIX 5 Software.

MIDI Remote Control Edit

Assign Maximum Value - Automatically assigns the maximum value when using the controller.
- Click Assign and use the control on your controller for the maximum value and the value will be set automatically in the MADRIX 5 Software.


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