MADRIX Device Configuration

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You can access information and settings of the web configuration page also in MADRIX 5 using the MADRIX Device Configuration window.
[For MADRIX AURA, only the Device Name, IP address, and Subnet Mask can be changed here.]

In MADRIX 5, go to the menu Tools > MADRIX Device Configuration...
[Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+L]

MADRIX LUNA Configuration


Scans the USB ports of your computer and the network for connected MADRIX AURA devices. If devices are found, they will be shown in the list.
- To see network devices, you need to enable AURA networking drivers [they are activated by default] and connect MADRIX AURA and your computer to the same network first.

Refreshes already connected devices and brings the information in the list up to date.

Allows you to change the settings of your device. Apply your changes by confirming with Set

Enables remote access to the web configuration as explained above. MADRIX AURA needs to be connected via Ethernet [network connection required]. First, connect your computer and the MADRIX AURA to one and the same network. Second, select your MADRIX AURA in the list. Third, click this button. A web browser opens automatically.

Imports the MADRIX AURA Device Settings from an external file [of the file type *.madx]. Use this option to easily restore all device settings from a file [as described below].

Exports the MADRIX AURA Device Settings to an external file [of the file type *.madx]. Use this option to easily store all device settings in a file. Simply enter a name in the window that opens and click 'Save'.


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