The Link Button

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This tutorial shows you how you can work with the Link button in MADRIX.


Date: 10/2013
MADRIX Version: 3.0 (Created with)

The Link button is useful to create new lighting effects by using several Layers.



Please select a free Storage Place. In this example it is Storage 1 and Place 1.


Select the SCE Ticker / Scrolling Text effect.


Now, add a new Layer. To do so, click the Layer button and select New

A new Layer will be inserted with the default effect SCE Color and black color.
Note: Your first effect is currently in the background. A newly inserted Layer will always be above at first, because it is inserted to the right of the current Layer.


Change SCE Color to SCE Gradient for the second Layer.


Change the direction of the Gradient to right


Now, activate the Link button on the Gradient Layer, which is the second Layer.

You can see that the right Layer will be linked to the Layer left of it. In this example, SCE Gradient will be linked to SCE Ticker / Scrolling Text. The result is a colorful, scrolling text as shown in the following picture.


As an advanced user, you might say: "Mix Mode Mask produces the same result!". That is correct if you are only using two Layers.
In this tutorial, we will add another Layer to see the difference between Mix Mode Mask and Link Mode when using more than two Layers.

Please add a new Layer as shown in Step 3.


We have to change the order of the Layers. The newly inserted Layer should be in the background. That means that the "Layer" must be positioned on the very left of the three Layers. Hence, select the newly inserted Layer and click the arrow shown next to the label Color. The Layer will be moved to the second position. Click on the arrow again and the Layer will be moved to the first position on the left.


Change SCE Color of the first Layer to SCE Wave / Radial


Change the color to Red = 125, Green = 125, Blue = 125


You should be able to see a colored text and a gray radial in the background on your Preview Left.


In this step, we want to see the difference between Mix Mode Mask and Link Mode.
First, select Layer 3 (Gradient). Second, deactivate the Link button (the button should be gray now). Third, click on Normal to choose a different Mix Mode. Select Mix Mode Mask.

Now, you can see a different result compared to Step 11. Mix Mode Mask causes all Layers behind this Layer to be colored.


Congratulations! You have learned how you can work with the Link button.


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