Working With Layers

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In this tutorial, you will learn how you can work with different Layers.


Date: 10/2013
MADRIX Version: 3.0 (Created with)

Requirements: Please make sure that MADRIX receives audio input.



Select a free Storage Place. In this example it is Storage 1 and Place 1.


Now, choose and select SCE Metaballs from the drop-down list of effects.


Click the Layer button in the middle at the bottom and choose New

A new Layer will be added and you should see that Preview Left is black now, where you just saw the SCE Metaballs Effect.

Note: Every time you add a new Layer, this Layer will be inserted with the default effect next to the currently selected Layer. SCE Color with a black color is this default effect.


Change the effect of the newly inserted Layer to S2L EQ / Spectrum


Now, have a closer look at the order of the effects. The desired order should look like shown the following picture. SCE Metaballs can be seen in the background and S2L EQ / Spectrum is shown in the foreground, above any Metaball. The order of the Layers determines this outcome: SCE Metaballs and its Layer are positioned to the left. The Layer of S2L EQ / Spectrum is positioned next to it on the right-hand side.
Note: In general you can say that effects/Layers positioned to the right, are placed above other Layers.


Now, we want to change the order of the Layers. Therefore, select the Layer EQ / Spectrum and click on the arrow showns on the left side of the label.

As a result, you can see that this Layers has been moved on step to the left.


Have a second look at Preview Left. Now, the equalizer effect is in the background and the Metaballs are shown in the foreground.

Exercise: Create an effect with more than two Layers and choose a different effect for each Layer. Change the order of the Layers and monitor the different results.


You can change also the name of a Layer.
Perform a double-click with the left mouse button on the Layer tab and its label. The Layer Name window will be opened. Now, you can enter any name. Press OK to confirm the change.


Congratulations! You have learned how to work with Layers in MADRIX.


MADRIX 3 Tutorials Version 1.9
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