HTTP Remote Control

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This tutorial shows you how you can work with the MADRIX HTTP Remote Control option. With this functionality you are able to control MADRIX remotely with any device that features a web browser, such as a mobile device or another computer which is connected to the same network.


Date: 08/2014
MADRIX Version: 3.2 (Created with)



Please start MADRIX and go to Preferences > Remote Control > HTTP...


The Remote Control HTTP window opens. If you want to use the Remote HTTP option in MADRIX, you have to activate Enable first.
You can also change also the Port on which the web server will run and the Path where the initial HTML page (index.html) is located. In this example, we are not going to change the default settings.

Click Call

Note: You can close the Remote Control HTTP window (by clicking OK) and the MADRIX HTTP Remote Control option will still work.


A new website will be opened in your standard web browser. Please have a look at the address bar of the browser. You can enter this IP address into the web browser of a mobile device, tablet, or computer in the same network and you will have access to this page. In this way, you can control MADRIX remotely.

Note: If you want to control MADRIX remotely with a mobile device or another computer, please make sure that the device is correctly connected to the same network as the MADRIX computer.


There are several predefined user interfaces (HTML sites) already provided to control MADRIX remotely. In this example, we want to have a look to the user interface called preview

Click on the preview button and your browser will open the corresponding HTML site. You will see a web interface to control MADRIX remotely. According to its name, this interface will also show you 3 Previews in a similar way to MADRIX.
Simply use this web interface to control MADRIX as needed!


You also have the possibility to create your own HTML web interface.
Return to the initial HTML site (for example by clicking on return to start menu).
When you now click on MADRIX Remote Members, a new site will be opened that includes all available MADRIX HTTP Remote Control functions.

On this page you will find all available functions shown with their function name, an example, and a description.


Congratulations! You have completed this tutorial about MADRIX HTTP Remote Control.


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