Cue List With Time Code And Duration

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Learn how to create a Cue List and trigger this Cue List via MIDI Time Code. You can use a Cue List for automatic playback in MADRIX.


Date: 12/2014
MADRIX Version: 3.3 (Created with)



Please start MADRIX.
Open a Setup file or create a number of new visuals. Then, open the Cue List view by clicking on the Cue List button.


MADRIX will switch to the Cue List view. If you have not added a Cue to the Cue List yet, the list will be empty.
We now want to add Cues to the Cue List. To add a Cue, we have to select the desired Storage Place first and then click the Cue button on the main interface.
Note: A Cue is an entry in the Cue List where -among other things- the Storage and Place is stored. It will be selected, when the Cue is active.


We have added 7 Cues in this example.


If you now start the playback of the Cue List, you will see that the Cues will not be changed automatically. You can choose to change Cues manually by clicking the Go or Goto buttons.
But in our case, we want to create a Cue List which is changing effects automatically. MADRIX provides several options:


You can create a Cue which will only be played back on a specific date (31.12.2014, for example) or a specific day in the week (Friday, for example).

Time Code

You can play back a Cue when MADRIX receives a time code. MADRIX can work with different time codes. You can use the system time as time code or an external time code. (MADRIX supports MIDI Time Code, Art-Net Time Code, and SMPTE Time Code.)


With the help of the duration, you can set how long a Cue is active before changing to the next Cue.

Note: When you want to create an automatic Cue List, you have to trigger it by using Time Code or Duration


In this example, we want to control the Cue List via Time Code and Duration
You can see if MADRIX already receives time code in the Time Code section of the Cue List. In this section, you can also choose which time code source and which time code format you want to use.

Please enable Use External Source because we want to receive MIDI Time Code (MTC).


When we want to use the MTC for triggering the Cue List, we have to enable the MIDI interface which receives the time code. Therefore, please open the MIDI tab of the Device Manager or go to Preferences > Remote Control > MIDI...

In the MIDI tab of the Device Manager, please select the desired device and activate the Enable and MTC checkboxes to enable the reception of the time code. Afterwards, please click OK


If the MIDI device receives MTC, you can see the received time code in the Time Code section of the Cue List


In this step, we want to create the time code trigger for the first Cue. The first Cue should be activated when MADRIX receives the time code 00:00:00:00
We want to enter this time code into the Time Code column of the first Cue list entry. To do so, select the first Cue and perform a double-click on the column Time Code. Now, you are in the editing mode and you can enter the time code.


The next Cue should start at 00:00:10:00
We select the second Cue list entry and type in 10s into the column Time Code


We will switch the triggering now. The next Cues are going to be triggered by their duration.
Therefore, we also have to set a duration for the second Cue. In this example, we set the duration of the second Cue to 15 seconds. The duration of the third Cue will be set to 1 minute and 10 seconds, and we set the duration of the fourth Cue to 30 seconds

In the below image, you will see that the Follow Cue column of the fourth Cue is not empty. In this example, we have set the Follow Cue of this Cue to 7. That means that the Cue List will continue with Cue 7; after Cue 4 has ended.


We will change the Duration for the remaining Cues. The duration of Cue number 5 will be set to 12 seconds and 22 frames (00:00:12:22), the duration of Cue number 6 will be set to 30 seconds and 4 frames (00:00:30:04), and the duration of Cue number 7 will be set to 5 minutes and 32 seconds in this example (00:05:32:00).

In Addition, Cue number 7 gets its Follow Cue set to 5. That means after Cue 7 has ended, the Cue List will continue with Cue number 5. This will happen in a loop until you stop the Cue List or MADRIX receives the time code 00:00:00:00 or 00:00:10:00


Congratulations! You have learned how to set up a Cue List with time code and duration triggering.


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