Chaser - Changing A Slider Value Continuously

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This tutorial shows you how you can let MADRIX change a MADRIX Effect slider continuously by using the Effect Parameter Chaser with Fade Time.


Date: 07/2015
MADRIX Version: 3.4 (Created with)



Select an empty Storage Place. In this example, we are going to use Storage Place S1 P1.


Select the effect SCE Wave / Radial from the drop-down list of effects.


Please change the Shape to Helix by clicking on the Mode button that by default says Circle. Choose Helix from the list.


Change the Width value to 20

Now, we want to add the first Step to the Effect Parameter Chaser.
Perform a click with the right mouse button on the Effect Parameter Chaser button and click Add Step with the left mouse button. A Step will be added to the Chaser and the icon will change to blue.


Now, change the value of the Width slider to 140

Again, add these settings as a new Step by choosing Add Step from the Effect Parameter Chaser context menu.


We are now going to change a number of settings of the Effect Parameter Chaser.
First, we have to open the Effect Parameter Chaser window. Click on the Effect Parameter Chaser button with the right mouse button to call up the context menu and select Edit


As a result, the Effect Parameter Chaser window opens. You can now see 2 Steps in the list with a Fade Time of 0.00 seconds and a Wait Time of 1.00 seconds. Please select the both Steps via the Ctrl+A keys on your keyboard.


We are going to change both, Fade Time and Wait Time.
To change the Fade Time, perform a right mouse click on one of the entries of the Fade Time column. Change the Fade Time to 3.00 and press Enter
To change the Wait Time, perform a right mouse click on one of the entries of the Wait Time column. Change the Wait Time to 0.00 and press Enter


Click the Play/Pause button to start the Effect Parameter Chaser. You can see the result immediately in the MADRIX Preview.


Congratulations! You have learned how you can create an Effect Parameter Chaser which continuously changes the values of a slider.


MADRIX 3 Tutorials Version 1.9
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