Chaser - Changing Directions Automatically

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In this tutorial, you will learn how you can automatically change the direction of a MADRIX Effect by using the Effect Parameter Chaser.


Date: 06/2015
MADRIX Version: 3.4 (Created with)



Select an empty Storage Place. In this example, we will choose Storage Place S1 P1.


Select the effect SCE Color Scroll from the drop-down list of effects.


Please perform a click with the right mouse button on the Chaser button.

Then, choose Edit...


A new window, the so-called Effect Parameter Chaser, opens with a blank Step list.


Now, we want to add Steps to the list.
Therefore, click on the + button in the Effect Parameter Chaser window to store the first Step.
Note: Every effect setting will be stored in a Step. In this example, we are only going to change the Direction of SCE Color Scroll.

Second, change the direction to Bottom and click the + button again.

Third, change the direction to Left and click the + button again in the Effect Parameter Chaser.

Fourth, we are changing the direction to Top and click the + button one more time.


We have now added 4 Chaser Steps to the list. Every Step has a different direction.


We are now changing the Wait Time for all Chaser Steps.
Please select all Steps first. You can select all Steps in the list by pressing Ctrl+A or you select the first entry in the list and press and hold the Shift key and select the last entry in the list.

Perform a click with the right mouse button on the Wait Time column of one entry and change it to 3.


We will now play back the created Chaser.
Therefore, click the Play/Pause button and look at the Previews in MADRIX. You will see that every 3 seconds the direction will be changed.


Congratulations! You have learned how you can create an Effect Parameter Chaser which plays the effect in different directions.


MADRIX 3 Tutorials Version 1.9
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