Chaser - Changing Map Settings

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In this tutorial, you will learn how you can create an Effect Parameter Chaser which does not change settings of a MADRIX Effect but the Map Settings of a Layer.


Date: 07/2015
MADRIX Version: 3.4 (Created with)



Select an empty Storage Place. In this example, we have Storage Place S1 P1 selected.


Select SCE Graph from the drop-down list of effects.


Click with the left mouse button on the Map button.

The Map Settings window opens. In this window, please select Top as Preset in the Mapping section.


Switch back to the main user interface and perform a right mouse click on the Chaser button and select Edit

The Effect Parameter Chaser will open. Please open the Parameters selection. To do so, click on the button which is called Effect Settings by default.
First, select None

Then, please select Map Settings and confirm with OK

We have now prepared the Effect Parameter Chaser to store Steps that include Map Settings.


Click the + button in order to add the first Step to the Effect Parameter Chaser

The new Step has been added to the list. For easier reference, we are changing the Description in this example to Top
To change the description of a Step, select the Step in the list first and perform a left mouse double-click on the description field of the selected row.


We are changing the Map Settings again. In this example, we are now choosing Bottom as Preset in the Mapping section.


We are adding these settings as a second Step to the Effect Parameter Chaser List by clicking the + button.

We also want to change the Description for this list entry. We are changing it to Bottom, for example.


At last, let us change the Fade Time and Wait Time of the Chaser.
To change the Fade Time and/or Wait Time of all entries in the Effect Parameter Chaser list, select all entries first by pressing Ctrl+A on your keyboard. Then, perform a click with the right mouse button on the desired entry and change the value. For this example, change the Fade Time to 2.00 and the Wait Time to 0.00

Click the Play/Pause button and the Effect Parameter Chaser starts.


Congratulations! You have learned how you can create an Effect Parameter Chaser only for Map Settings.


MADRIX 3 Tutorials Version 1.9
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