Dropped Equalizer

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In this tutorial, you will learn how you can create a dropped equalizer effect in MADRIX.


Date: 09/2014
MADRIX Version: 3.3 (Created with)

Requirements: For this tutorial you will need audio input into MADRIX.



Before we start, make sure that you are receiving audio in MADRIX. Start your audio and check the input in MADRIX with the help of the Audio section in the middle of the user interface of MADRIX. The Audio button should be green and the level meter should show an amplitude.



Select a free Storage Place (in this example it is Storage 1, Place 1). Then, choose the S2L EQ / Spectrum effect via the drop-down list in the upper left corner of the Effect Area.


We want to change the colors. Click the Colors button.

A new window, the Gradient, will be opened. Now, we can change the colors.

To select a color, please click on the very small square above the color gradient. Change the color by changing the values for Red, Green, and Blue.
Or click and hold the left mouse button on the color field in the upper left corner to choose your color.
If you want to add a new color, please click with the left mouse button on the gradient.
If you want to delete a color, please click with the left mouse button on the little cross below the color gradient.


We want to change the first color to blue. To do so, change the values of the color fields to: Red = 0, Green = 0, Blue = 255.
Then, change the color of the second color to: Red = 0, Green = 167, and Blue = 255.
We want to change the third color to yellow: Red = 255, Green = 255, Blue = 0.

Now, change the position of the second color: Click on the small box above the gradient and hold the left mouse button down. Then, move the mouse to move it to position 0.30.

Click Close to close the window.


Perform a right mouse click on the Layer tab (labeled EQ / Spectrum) on the bottom left side and select Duplicate. A new Layer with the same Effect settings will be added.
Note: The new Layer will be inserted on the right side of the currently selected Layer. That means the effect of the new Layer is above the other effect and its Layer.


Now, please select the left Layer again.


Click Colors again.

This time, change the colors to:

First color: Red = 0, Green = 0, Blue = 255
Second color: Red = 0, Green = 0, Blue = 0
Third color: Red = 0, Green = 0, Blue = 0
The position of the second should be 0.15

Click Close


Adjust the following effect settings:

Drop: 5
The Drop value defines how fast displayed frequencies drop to make room for new ones.
Fade: 2000
The Fade value defines how fast the bars fade out.
Amplify: 50
The Amplify function defines that the input signal will be displayed more intensely. You can change the value by clicking the AMP button and holding down the left mouse button while choosing the right value.


The result will look similar to this:


Congratulations! You have created a dropped Equalizer.


MADRIX 3 Tutorials Version 1.9
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