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Supported Products
Step-By-Step Configuration




MADRIX supports the e:cue butler interface and the corresponding e:net network protocol.
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There are several steps required to set up e:net products in MADRIX. This chapter is only part of the process. You need to set up other configurations as well [such as virtual LED matrix, DMX Devices, MADRIX Effects, Audio, etc.].



Supported Products

The following e:net products are supported:

e:cue butler



Step-By-Step Configuration

1] Set up the correct network settings in Windows.

2] Activate e:net in MADRIX.

3] Activate your devices.


1] Windows Network Settings

e:net is a network-based protocol. MADRIX will use the network card of your computer to send data.

It is required to set up the correct network settings in Windows, first.
You must use these IP address and Subnet mask settings. Otherwise, e:net might not work!
The IP addresses of your computer and your e:net devices need to be different.
The standard butler interface has a predefined IP address and subnet mask. [192.168.123.X /]
Set up an individual IP address for your computer:
- 192.168.123.X
- For example:
Set up the corresponding Subnet mask
Restart MADRIX, if you have changed the network settings in Windows while MADRIX was running.
Check the settings of the Windows Firewall.
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2] Enabling e:net In MADRIX

Go to Preferences > Options... > Devices Network
[Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+O > Devices Network]
Activate Enable e:net Driver
Choose the correct network/network card from the drop-down list.
- Always make sure that you have selected the correct network. Otherwise, the network device might still be found. But no data can be sent.

Devices (Network)

Time To Detect Devices (s) - Defines how long MADRIX searches the network for e:cue devices during startup. Type in a value in seconds.
- We recommend to utilize at least a value of 3 to allow for a sufficient search. Higher values are recommended for larger installations.
Maximum e:net Universe Count - Defines how many DMX universes you wish to use in total.
- Please keep the standard settings of you do not have any specific requirements. Only change the universe count if your requirements exceed the standard value of 256.


3] Further Configuration

You need to activate your DMX interfaces.
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