Including Extra Information

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It is possible to provide some additional information about a script. This includes a script name, a version number, the author's name, and a description. The information is visible within a script, because it is written into the Script Editor's input field if it has been loaded as compiled script.

Here is an example on how the information can be included:

@scriptname="Name of the script"
@author="John Smith";
@description="Any text which describes the following script.";

As shown above, information is set using the following syntax:

@INFORMATION="any string";

Values after "=" have to be a string within double quotes. Therefore, it is also possible to set version to "1.2a" or any other string. Please note case sensitivity. It is not possible to set any of the values within a function and it is recommended to write the information at the beginning of a script. Overwriting one of the values results in a warning. The summary contains an »overview about the information that can be included in a script.


MADRIX Version: 5.5 | Script Version: 3.14
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