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Error When Saving Files

If you are experiencing issues when trying to save a Fixture Library file or a Fixture file, there are two solutions to this problem:

Right Click > Run as administrator
- In order to save files as a user that is logged-in into Windows, you need to have the permissions set by Windows to do so.
- When you do not have the right permissions, saving files can lead to errors.
- To circumvent such issues, you can run the MADRIX 5 Fixture Editor as administrative computer user, the so-called administrator.
- Perform a right mouse click on the FixtureEditor.exe [or a shortcut to the MADRIX 5 Fixture Editor] and choose Run as administrator
- Note: You need to have access to the administrator account (i.e., password).


Choose A Different Directory
- When you are experiencing issues and running as administrator is not an option, choose a different directory on your harddisk to save the files.
- There are locations on your computer/harddisk where you will have the permission to save files. Choose such a location.
- Examples are:
[USERNAME specifies your Windows account name.]

MADRIX Version: 5.5.
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